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Keyword Density On A Website

by Chris Holden - October 9th, 2015.
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It’s not uncommon for somebody to build a website and place a ton of keywords throughout the page with high hopes that the page is going to rank high on Google. That doesn’t always work out in that way. In fact, sometimes abusing your website with keywords all throughout the pages will not do any good to you in any way or form. It can be quite useless at times to put your keyword everywhere since Google wants to see if your content in itself is about the keyword.

Most people seem to forget that Google is very good at analyzing content. Not only that, but they work hard at having people manually check different aspects of websites to see if they comply with the latest algorithms. They work hard at working with only the best in the business today, and you’ll be shocked so what companies like White Shark Media can provide for you.

Who Is White Shark Media?

This company provides SEO services and free information to website owners to get their site ranking high. They have a team of experts working on their clients’ sites to help them rank higher on Google and also reach a more targeted audience. SEO is a very tricky part of Internet marketing. It’s all about properly creating content that people want to read and also comply with what Google wants from you, which isn’t always that easy to do.

One thing worth mentioning is that Google does not care so much about keyword density as much as they care about real information and content related to your specific niche. The best way they can check to see if your site is really providing helpful information is by having a good amount of articles that have more than a thousand words long and keywords and phrases that are similar to your main keyword. Anything that is long tail and has certain words from your key phrases is all Google needs to see that your content fits their criteria and what they want ranking at the very top.

Google may be tough to deal with, but they only do so in order to rank the most informational websites out there. This is why so many sites with multiple pages and great content are great at ranking high because it helps readers in so many unique ways to get the information that they want to read online.

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