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Kim Dao Visits Kyoto In A Kimono

by Chris Holden - April 1st, 2017.
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Kim Dao is an extremely popular YouTuber who specializes in both beauty and travel. In many of Dao’s latest vlogs she has been taking viewers all around Japan. One of her most interesting recent vlogs is called “A day in Kyoto wearing Kimonos.”

This vlog starts out with Kim Dao explaining her itinerary for the day. After she’s done explaining, we see Dao in Osaka station awaiting a train for Kyoto. Just a few seconds later, we see Kim Dao and her friend Sofie exploring a bunch of kimonos in a Kyoto kimono rental store.

Kim Dao then videotapes herself and Sofie in colorful kimonos and obis. Both of these girls also got their hair done in traditional Japanese fashion. The two friends head on up to the famous Buddhist temple Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto to take pictures.

Along the way, Kim Dao shows just how much street food there is in Kyoto. She orders a steamed meat bun and a potato with butter.

When both Kim Dao and Sofie reach the top of the temple, they take in the stunning views and buy a few incense sticks. Sofie also orders a fortune paper (called O-mikuji). Unfortunately, Kim Dao informs her friend that the fortune paper she got was actually “bad luck.”

Kim Dao and Sofie then buy a few good luck charms and pray that they will manifest into their lives. The two then begin their trek down from the temple and go to a café to warm up with some tea and tasty creampuffs.

At the end of the video, Kim and Sofie return their kimonos. Finally, they all meet up with Mao from MaoMaoTV and eat at a fancy Japanese restaurant.

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