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Kisling, Nestico and Redick charitable donations to the society

by Chris Holden - April 19th, 2019.
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Background of the law firm

Kisling, Nestico, and Redick initiated the law firm in 2005. The legal company has been working hard to offer aid to the occupants of Ohio. The law firm has been providing unique services to individuals who suffered personal injury accidents. Through its specialized skills and knowledge, it has been able to diversify its operations to regions across Ohio. The company comprises of several attorneys and a hundred of staff committed to assisting the society. Their determination to seeing society better is proof in monitoring documents. They have had successful cases and contributed significantly to charities.

Philanthropic efforts to society

Lately, Kisling, Nestico, and Redick contributed 1200 together with food to Greenbriar School. The donations comprised of several bags filled with bread, fruit, and macaroni among others. This would assist the kids during their spring break as they lack food to eat during the break. Furthermore, they took their initiative to needy kids in KNR Cares About Kids. It is at this point that the law company created the Portage lakes polar bear jump. This event began in 2004 with only several individuals. The occasion has supported the Akron- Canton regional food bank. Last year, the participants’ population was 800 people. They contributed finances for the food bank and created awareness about the hunger issue.

Its involvement in charities

The food bank shares its charities to hundreds of local food pantries together with shelters to other non-profit organizations. This year, the event passed its target which will offer thousands of meals within the society. Through this generosity, people will be blessed for their contributions as it will make of great importance to the needy. Besides that, the law firm decided to sponsor the Coats and Cans for Turkey Giveaways. This yearly contribution occasion began six years ago during the holiday season. Other than providing turkeys for the holiday duration, the law company also contributed food to the regional food bank. Moreover, it donated jackets and coats retrieved to the Salvation Army. This is another charitable organization which deals with needy kids in society. It is through giving that we receive. The law firm stands by this principle and likes to offer support to the community.

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