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Lacrosse Camps Teach an Old Game to New Players

by Chris Holden - October 23rd, 2015.
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Lacrosse is the oldest American sport. Long before the first white Europeans arrived on the continent, Eastern Native Americans were playing an early stick-ball version of lacrosse with intense competitions between tribes. After languishing mainly as an east-coast school sport for these many years, lacrosse has finally come into its own over the past two decades. High schools and colleges across the country now field lacrosse teams. Major League Lacrosse (MLL), a professional lacrosse league founded in 2001, has teams in 9 cities playing a 14 game schedule each year and is expected to grow. Television broadcasts the professional games, many college games, and the NCAA National Championship tournament each year.
The growth in interest in lacrosse has created a new industry: lacrosse camps. Each summer, thousands of boys and girls and young men and women pack their duffle bags, grab their lacrosse sticks and head off to lacrosse camps located across the country from Maine to California.
There are hundreds of camps to choose from. Some are extended day camps, others offer week or longer sessions with room and board stay. All offer similar agendas: instructions on the rules of the game, offensive and defensive play, lacrosse strategy, and the values of teamwork and fair play.
Big sports brands like Nike have arrived on the lacrosse camp scene in a big way. Their Nike Blue Chip Lacrosse Camp invites the nation’s elite high school players to their camp each year to improve and show off their talent. Over 90% of their attendees earn a spot on a Division 1 NCAA college team after high school graduation.
Other camps like the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado aim more at refining the skills of their campers than showing them off. Founded by former professional lacrosse player, pilot, and Villanova All-American Jon Urbana in 2011, their kids get personal instruction from Urbana and three current professional lacrosse players with the Denver Outlaws: Tyler German, Tyan Tucker and Sergio Perkovic. Held in July at Vail, Colorado, the camp is considered the premier choice for kids from across the state for excellent how-to instruction and motivation.
Urbana is also a businessman and entrepreneur with interests outside the game of lacrosse. As Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, an IPL and Laser technology company, he directs regional managers and oversees USA marketing for the Denmark-based company. He credits lacrosse for helping engrain a solid work ethic into his personal and business life.

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