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Lacrosse’s Role In A Full Life

by Chris Holden - March 5th, 2015.
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When people are considering playing lacrosse, they have many options at their disposal. There are kids who play lacrosse at school because they enjoy being in the sports with their friends or family. There are still others that are use lacrosse as their summer sport when they are not playing hockey, and there are even more people who play it as one of many sports that they participate in. Every person who is interested in sports should consider what lacrosse can teach them.

matt landis no hunting

When Matt Landis came to Notre Dame as a scholarship athlete, he was able to make the most of his time on the team by leading the team deep into the NCAA tournament every year. Also, he was able to provide the school with gains in their win totals and overall scoring. He is such a feared player around the country that it is hard to imagine how Notre Dame would have survived without him. However, he uses his skills off the field to do even more with his life.

matt landis college

Landis is a good student who has been getting good grades ever since he started at Notre Dame. He is a scholar athlete that is able to use his good grades to help kids in the greater South Bend area who are struggling in school. Also, he is able to provide the community with services through his fraternity. The goal of Landis’ career is to provide people with the help that he can help. This is one of the things that makes him a high profile athlete, and he is able to grace people with the experiences he has had.

When people are playing lacrosse to get the best athletic experience, they need to decide how it helps them in their athletic pursuits. There are many people who are concerned about the way that lacrosse can affect players who are injured, but the game is more safe than ever. All the players play the game with class, and they have safety gear that helps them remain safe at all times. The game is designed to be safe in today’s age, and it is played at such a speed, that many players take less contact than they would in football or hockey. This is a wonderful alternative sport for the person who needs something to play in the summer, wants to avoid football or simply loves being outside.

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