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Lee May marking milestones with every step

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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In South East London, Lee May has created a niche in the world of real estate for himself. These is remarkable considering that London real estate is marked by a lot of setbacks. The competition is top notch and the land available for development is also limited. International investors are also trying to get a share of the pie, and one has to be hardworking, determined and intelligent to prosper.


Lee May Strides in Real Estate.


Lee May progress has been significant. He has been able to complete over six hundred units of residence in the East London. The stride was in line with the rising urban population. At the same time, he was able to acquire some land in Sussex where he estimates to build a tune of a thousand apartments. It is clear that he has good business acumen to be able to make such remarkable strides in such a competitive business.


The local business arena has not been his only area of influence. He has taken the international market with the same honed business skills. One of his remarkable international ventures was with a Hong Kong fund. The deal was brokered and estimated to be over three hundred pounds. This set Lee May in the front of businessmen taking international markets by storm.


If that was just a start, Lee May went ahead and acquired land in Canada. He is planning to put up a mall in the land. He has been able to maneuver the foreign business codes to become a landlord in a foreign country. He will be undertaking the construction of the mall and also be involved in the commercial aspects of the complex once it starts its operation.


More on Lee May


Apart from making strides in the real estate, he also offers his advice and expertise to Beamridge Ltd. The construction company has over twenty-five years’ experience in construction. Lee May has been with the company every step of its growth.

Work without play may be dull. Lee May play moments are at charity events and talking to the youth. He has a passion for boxing, and he is currently organizing a charitable 10km race for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing where all proceeds will go to purchasing of a new minibus for the club.


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