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Let me introduce you to Dr. Daniel G. Amen

by Chris Holden - January 7th, 2015.
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Dr. Daniel Amen is the founder of the Amen Clinics and is a leader in the area of brain health and development. He has helped me tremendously with my own struggles with ADD and I thought I’d take some time to introduce him to my readers. Maybe he can help one of you the way he’s helped me.
Daniels honesty is what is so positive about this man. His profession, with a double Board certification (by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) in General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has given him the ability to do advanced research in the areas of the brain in a physiological sense, along with the basis of why we do what we do.

Reaching Out to the Public 

Not only in his clinical work, but through PBS specials, notable books that have made the best seller lists multiple times and his work in the sporting industry, Dr. Amen has focused on teaching us the road to better memory, recovering from brain damage, weight loss and our overall well-being.
Especially for those of us who are aging, Dr. Amen is not condemning of our bad health choices. His latest and very successful endeavor is called the “Daniel Plan.” Not to be confused with his first name, but rather taken from the bible to empower people to lose weight. Introduced in churches and synagogues throughout the U.S. the results have been extremely rewarding with not only weight loss being seen in larger than life number amongst participants but energy levels increased as well.
An initiative to promote the “Daniel Plan” to even more churches is in the process now. According to those churches and other religious organizations that joined the plan, increased memory, better moods and weight loss were evidenced by each congregation. 

Say No to Sugar

Probably the most important message given by Dr. Daniel G. Amen is his advice on nutrition for brain health. Research has shown that for thousands of years the natural tendency of our species is to crave sugar. The problem comes now because we aren’t foraging and struggling for food so although the sugar intake or desire is still high in our genetic makeup, we are not burning it off. The doctor suggests that perhaps sugar should be classified as an addiction much like alcoholism. His theories are honest and practical.

The Writer Within Him

You don’t necessarily need to make an appointment with Dr. Daniel Amen to reap the benifits of his knowledge. His books are incredibly popular and he also writes a column for the Huffington Post which is loaded with fantadtic articles to help you get back on track, feel good, improve memory, loss weight and maybe even get off of some of those pesty medications that make you tired. Who wouldn’t want that?

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