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Lime Crime Products: An Overview

by Chris Holden - June 28th, 2017.
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Lime Crime is an online-based vegan and cruelty-free beauty company that was first founded around Halloween in 2008 by Doe Deere with the intention to provide vibrant, colorful and high-quality makeup. Since then the company has launched products ranging from lipsticks to hair color dye.


The most popular product on their website are the matte velvetines which retail for $20/lipstick but are also available in bundles for a discount. The matte velvetines color shades range from neutral to vibrant and are a long lasting, non-drying, and easy to apply. There are currently 45 shades available. Lime Crime has also produced the velvetines in a metallic range, there are 13 shades available on their website, also priced at #20/each.


Lime Crime has other options available for your lips as well like their diamond crusher lip toppers, which are a metallic lip topper perfect for the unicorn trend, these are available for $18. There are currently 10 shades available. Perlees are another type of lipstick available, which is a matte metallic lipstick, they retail for $18.


As mentioned above, LimeCrime has recently added hair color dyes to their products for sale. These products are called Unicorn Hair ($18/color) and come in shades from blue to green and everything in between and are a perfect way to dye your hair semi-permanently. The color is rich and pigmented and easy to apply yourself. The only problem is they sell out rather quickly, so be prepared to log in when they are re-stocked.


LimeCrime has three highlighters or Hi-Lite palettes on their website. These Hi-Lite palettes come in three different shades: mermaids, opals, and blossoms. Mermaids’ highlight colors are sparkling lavender/ivory/seafoam. Opals contains pink/gold/peach, and Blossoms’ have warm gold/lavender/sunset highlight colors. Each Hi-Lite palette is on sale for $38 dollars.


There is a section of their store that has pop on nails, which all have a chrome look, and come in a range of colors from baby pink chrome to multi-colored chrome. They retail for $12 per package.


There are a few more products available (brushes, eyeshadow) for purchase through LimeCrime and they are always updating their store.


Overall, LimeCrime is a wonderful online store if you’re looking for vibrant beauty items with a lot of well thought out products.


To see for your own, visit LimeCrime’s store at


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