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Lincolnshire Management and HPP affiliation

by Chris Holden - April 5th, 2019.
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¬†The Lincolnshire management company is a private equity firm founded in 1986 and based in Chicago, Illinois. This business has the drive to focus its control on investments in middle market companies. With a headquarters in New York, Lincolnshire Management invests in private companies, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures and more, while managing 1.7 billion of private equity capital. Like various companies, especially investment businesses, Lincolnshire management has put a lot of time and effort in support of other firms through assets. In the last thirty years, they’ve managed to use more than eighty acquisitions for other well-known firms.

Recently, another company in affiliation with Lincolnshire named Holley Performance Products presented an opportunity for growth investments. Holley, for short, is a company said to be the largest designer, manufacturer, and marketer of branded products in the automotive industry. As a staple in communities, they are well-known and spoken highly of with a service for more than one-hundred years and exceptional product quality.

Founded in 1983, eighty years prior to Lincolnshire Management, Holley Performance Products has led numerous brands known as ACCEL, Edge, Superchips, Weiand, Racepak, and more. Most of which deal with technology and computing programs.

As a result of their skills, both firms expressed how outstanding their performance is and the attention to detail to ensure their success.

The Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, T.J Maloney, described how Holley Performance Products displayed proficiency of management in their work. Tom Tomlinson, the President, and CEO of Holley was noted to say Lincolnshire was able to identify attributes of Holley and its complexity.

The two studious and diligent firms have been in partnership since 2013 and executed outstanding acquisition strategies. Holley has since been informed by other suggested firms for financial advice from companies such as Lazard Middle Market and UBS Investment Bank, as well as few others.

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