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Lingerie Can Be Both Sexy and Classy!

by Chris Holden - June 22nd, 2017.
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News in business just became fun. Honey Birdette, an Australian luxury lingerie manufacturer, recently launched a new lingerie luxury brand in New York drawing in a large female crowd and leaving a smile on men’s faces. This lingerie creation features a combination of pieces appealing to women who prefer a more feminine sexy wear and to women who prefer an edgier piece similar to that of a softer bondage themed night wear. This sexy attire appears to meet the needs of quite a broad crowd.
Honey Birdette was created and founded by Eloise Monaghan with the intent of creating a line that would build relationships. Eloise Monaghan admits the origins of Honey Birdette began while she was enjoying a glass of champagne. While drinking champagne, the name of the company, “Honey Birdette” came to her, and she decided the name was ideal using it for her lingerie line.
Honey Birdette is the first Australian sensuality boutique and was created with the intent of balancing sensuality and class. Eloise Monaghan wanted to create a fun but elegant luxury wear for female buyers. Furthermore, she wanted to create lingerie that will build self- esteem and empower women. Monaghan believes that self- confidence is the root of a passionate relationship. Thus, if her product is able to stimulate feelings of self-confidence it can act as a catalyst for a passionate relationship. The lingerie in Honey Birdette certainly do a wonderful job of accenting female curves and hopefully improving feelings of empowerment. Honey Birdette has been a sexy and exciting business product and appears to improve with the expansion of the market outside of Australia. With business in New York the sensuality brand has a promising future.

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