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Luke Lazarus Brings Consulting Magic to Business Startups

by Chris Holden - November 6th, 2019.
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 Starting a Startup company

Where and how does someone start a business and hope to survive in the marketplace today? Many challenges go with starting a business today, and one of those challenges is the sheer competition.

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There were recorded over 350K new companies that began in Australia in 2018. Probably most of those businesses you’ve hadn’t had a chance to hear about and a few you most likely will never hear about because they didn’t have an opportunity to get very far before they were blown away by the competition.

Here are a few Australian businesses that started at the same time as those others and have made a name for themselves. These companies, according to LinkedIn, are the top startups in Australia for the same period: Judo Bank, Mantel Group, Athena Home Loans, Colt Bank, Xinja, and Shippit. Is that a good percentage of 350K?

That is the reality of the competition. According to Luke Lazarus, the successful consultant from Perth, Australia, the odds can be stacked in favor of the startup with a few principles of organization and preparation.

Luke Lazarus has been working with startups since 2013 and helping them to get on the road to startup success after a downturn in their organization. His success rate has been phenomenal and has solved hundreds of problems for startups allowing them to move on with their business careers, gain investor capital, or re-enter heh business world with new energy and enthusiasm.

What is a Venture capitalist

A venture capitalist is a type of equity and is, at the same time, a business. The venture capitalist has a long history and were real instruments of opportunity for many small businesses that had no capital to fund themselves.

Such companies like Intel and the Human Genome Project, Apple, and DEC were from among many new startups that relied upon venture capital funding to get them off the ground. Like any successful business, the venture capitalist is companies with large amounts of money, usually between $10-100 million, that is used to fund small to large startup companies that show promise.

Luke Lazarus prepares startups that he works with to receive funding by having them have a solid basis for funding.

A solid foundation for funding is to have a solid business plan, a well thought out mission, and a killer business story that will make an emotional connection with the customer as well as the investor.

First Success Story

Luke Lazarus was raised in Perth, Australia. Among the many things he enjoyed was jotting down his ideas in notebooks and write sketches of his thoughts.

Luke Lazarus was found in designing businesses and experimenting. One such company he has shared in interviews regards the one he and his childhood friend built when they were eight-year-old lads.

The company was successful and formed part of his dream to pursue a business career. Luke finished all of his schoolings, attended Melbourne Business School, and was awarded the MBA.

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After school, he quickly built four successful businesses and immediately sold all four for an undisclosed amount. In 2013 he launched his own consulting company allowing him to travel across Australia and solve startup problems for startup businesses. He has drawn much attention in recent years because of the positive results with startups.

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