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Luke Lazarus Launches Consultancy Across Australia for Entrepreneurial Startups

by Chris Holden - October 16th, 2019.
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 Does the World Need Changing?

Will everyone agree that the world needs changing? Most probably most will agree that the world has many problems and no one has all the talents and gifts to cure-all, and that is why we as citizens of the world turn to those who have the best skills for fixing the world in particular and specific ways.

We may not understand how it works, but we do know that when it does work, everyone has a better life because someone got something done. Politicians fix political problems in the federal, state, and local governments.

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They seem to know how to make the best decisions that most everyone in society will reap the benefits. Doctors fix medical problems. Doctors have an uncanny understanding of the physiology of the human body, and they know the causes and cures of specific ailments, medicines, and diseases.

Different Solutions from Different Professions

Business people know the material goods the world has and work to distribute them properly at a cost-effective rate for the benefit of all.

Luke Lazarus, a successful Australian business leader of two decades, helps startup businesses prepare for the best opportunities for their careers by offering his skills, insights, experience, and knowledge so that startups can get past the hurdles they are facing.

Ways Luke Lazarus Improves Startup Businesses

  • Business Plans-know your business plan.
  •  Investor Presentations-know how too pitch an investor.
  • Market Research Insights-limit yourself to your best market.
  • Go-to-Market Plans-plan ahead to get the best results.
  • Financial Projections-to arrive at a goal you need to set practical goals.
  •  Operational Improvement-get rid of operational problems quickly.

Where to Begin?

As Luke Lazarus was set on lifting the number of impediments that stood in the way of startup businesses, he had to start somewhere, and as a person with years of experience, Luke Lazarus began to one startup at a time in 2013 the day he launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy.

At first, Luke Lazarus was getting referrals and direct contacts, but as word got out, more and more references were beginning to pour the offices of Luke Lazarus Consultancy.

Those who had worked with Luke Lazarus understood his direct and bold attitude in facing problems squarely. According to the consultant himself, who said being direct is not a choice but an obligation the consultant must honor because the future of his clients is in his hands.

Finding Business Success

To shorten the story somewhat, Luke Lazarus began changing the way the business world found renewed possibilities for business startups and not just see them as cast asides doomed to failure, but as people with dreams, deep talents that need direction, and teams that have great potential hidden beneath temporary defeats.

Luke Lazarus has experienced first-hand the successes that came after his input of a few days or a week spent with different startups, and they have given great hope to others.

Luke Lazarus crosses the continent of Australia to meet with startup businesses and takes each problem as it comes and solves it with his confident manner through insight, examination, and integration solutions into the overall mission and story of the startup. For those who are interested in learning more about or making contact with Luke Lazarus Consultancy, follow this link.

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