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Luke Rockhold Continues His Rise in the UFC

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2014.
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Luke Rockhold scored a $50,000 performance bonus for his victory in the main event of the UFC card in Sydney, Australia on Friday. The show was said to be excellent from start to finish, but it was a show that didn’t garner a lot of interest outside of the die-hard MMA community.

Rockhold made Michael Bisping tap out to a guillotine in round two, which capped off a show with 11 finishes in a row.

Part of what made the fight work is that there was legitimate animosity between the two. Fans such as Jared Haftel knew there was some animosity going in. Bisping tends to take a pro wrestling approach to fight promotion, where he says outrageous things and plays the “bad guy” in the hopes of garnering more interest in his fight. After all, the more people who buy the pay per view and buy tickets, the more that Bisping makes.

But in this instance, Bisping didn’t need to do much exaggerating. Luke Rockhold is not a fan of Michael Bisping (and he hates Vitor Belfort). Rockhold is also known as a very straightforward person.

After the fight they shook hands and praised each other. Rockhold admitted while they wouldn’t be friends, he said he respected Bisping and that he thought he was a tough fighter.

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