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Maarten de Jeu Has Some Advice for Businesses Going International

by Chris Holden - August 22nd, 2019.
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Maarten de Jeu is a businessman with more than one area of expertise. This also means having developed strategies to get a business off the ground and performing internationally. Now in charge of a global business, known throughout Asia, Europe, and in North America, he knows just how to have a business succeed away from home.


Success is the result of a good strategy. As Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for Aviva, Maarten de Jeu worked closely with notable businesses in London to grow their brand. When he founded SVM Advisory, his reputation followed him into his role as Managing Director, drawing in brands like Heinz and Sara Lee. These notable businesses wanted to expand to new markets, and heeded the advice they got from their consultant. Maarten de Jeu says that any business that wants to go to new territories need to spend resources and time to better understand the culture there in order for expansion to take place.


Getting into a new market without understanding how it works, how the people are, can affect a first impression. A business may be successful in one market, but presenting itself in a new one needs to be done carefully. That’s why Maarten de Jeu emphasizes the need for high quality in products and services to speak for the brand. But there’s more to say.


Understanding how a foreign market works, businesses would benefit from speaking the local language. While this is helpful in cutting down on potential cultural missteps, it makes a good impression on potential partners. Maarten de Jeu says it goes further than that, as understanding the language can help a business better understand how to engage customers and build a brand that feels almost local. Learn more:


Other people and businesses factor greatly into how expansion works. It’s an expensive endeavor, and not every business can afford the cost of moving. This means partnerships may have been formed, most likely by looking for investors in new markets. If all parties speak the same language, businesses have a better chance at putting investors at ease and successfully getting their participation.


Everything about moving into a new market is challenging, and if a business goes that route it ought to prepare to see it through. Something that could make it a bit easier is having some local help. Hiring professionals from the new market to take leadership positions can help put together business plans that can make expansion smoother.

These hires are invaluable, according to Maarten de Jeu. Businesses will have to compete with locals who have similar products or services, and professionals from that market are invaluable in discerning how to move into a new territory, determine the right pricing, and appeal to their tastes.


Businesses can try their best to meet the expectations of a new market and find roadblocks along the way. The best solution to this, Maarten de Jeu says, is to be flexible. A business that can change their marketing plans or how their business conducts itself as they better know the dynamics of a new market. Knowing how to be adaptable can make a business set realistic goals and meet them with confidence.

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