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Maarten De Jeu: Talks About Commercial Real Estate And The Benefits Of Investing In It

by Chris Holden - November 13th, 2019.
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Maarten De Jeu is someone who is incredibly well regarded for his knowledge when it comes to commercial real estate considering that he stands as a strategic advisor to some of the biggest companies in the entire world. The work that he has done for these companies has been nothing short of incredible and is something that has helped them stand out within their industries. He has a vast knowledge about investments and the viable routes that people can take to be able to establish a strong financial foundation. 


One particular form of investment that Maarten De Jeu stands by is real estate. Real estate has always been one of the best forms of investment because of the increasing value of properties and the prominence of growing urban landscapes. People who invest in real estate can always sell it for a higher price if they want to when the market is good, and the market tends to always get better at some point, which is what makes this a good form of investment. 


While most forms of real estate can be profitable, commercial real estate is one form that is by far one of the best for those who are looking to make huge profits from big amounts that they want to invest. In the past, commercial real estate was something that only the rich and wealthy would invest in, but today, this norm has changed and almost anyone can invest in commercial real estate and reap its benefits.


In a recent article, Maarten De Jeu outlined the various advantages that people can get when they invest in commercial real estate. In the article, he stated that one of the biggest reasons why this is a good investment is because of the minimal investing fees that one has to put in. In any other form of investment, one has to pay a big percentage of the amount that they are looking to invest as fees, which they don’t get back in any manner. This means that that sum of money is lost, and you wouldn’t be able to make back anything on it. This is incredibly minimal when it comes to commercial real estate, making it an overall better choice for those who truly want to earn good profits from the money that they are putting in.


As we stated earlier, real estate tends to go up in value over time, and there are always going to be points when you can sell your property for a rate that is higher than the one that you bought it at. This means that real estate, particularly commercial real estate has strong protection against inflation. While most other forms of investment won’t necessarily prove to be profitable in the future, real estate, in most situations, always will. Learn more:


For those who invest in commercial real estate, the ability to earn short term returns is incredibly viable, especially for those who are giving out their property to tenants on a monthly basis, with the potential for these earnings only going up with time.

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