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MAGFAST Wants to Change the Wireless Charging Game

by Chris Holden - September 20th, 2019.
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Better solutions are a part of evolving technology. It seems like the development of one advanced device begs the creation of another. Take mobile devices as an example. A challenge since day one has been charging the device. MAGFAST is a startup that may have just changed the game of wireless charging for the better.

Founded in 2018 by Seymour Segnit, MAGFAST was largely crowdfunded by donors who want a better way of charging phones and tablets. The success of the campaign speaks volumes about how MAGFAST was able to communicate its vision. Consumers are notoriously picky when it comes to their tech. It doesn’t just have to work as described. It also has to be fashionable. The MAGFAST charger succeeds on both counts.

Credit Seymour Segnit for the success of MAGFAST. Segnit gained some of his impressive education at Oxford, and he has since taken a winding career path that included stints as on-air radio talent and time in Silicon Valley. In a way, Seymour Segnit is very reminiscent of another Silicon Valley legend, Steve Jobs. Both were idea men who had the ability to communicate the potential of advanced technology as a practical solution for life’s uptown problems.

Segnit arrived at his idea for the MAGFAST charger by considering the needs of his own family and finding a hole in the market for wireless charging devices. Portability and rapid charging were two of the elements Segnit wanted, and he also saw the benefit of a magnetic device that was compatible with many different devices.

The whole premise is that these chargers connect all of their components magnetically. They will charge everything from an Apple Watch to a Google Pixel. Even better, it will charge multiple devices at the same time.

If the initial interest in the company is any indication, MAGFAST is primed to become a leader in wireless charging technology. The first units will ship in 2019 just in time for Christmas.


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