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Make a Room Smile with Decorative Wall Moldings

by Chris Holden - August 17th, 2017.
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What takes the most space in a room? Walls, undoubtedly. Leaving such a huge space blank or decorating poorly just ruins the aesthetic of a place. The truth is well-dressed walls can be the focal point of a room. You can make stylish statements with so many things – ranging from paint to decals, pictures, and wallpaper. However, the moldings have a distinct appeal, considering their traditional and architectural value.


We’ve curated some wall molding ideas so that you can find inspirations while doing your next home renovation project.


Keep the trims simple…



You should go after some plain trims if you are looking for simplistic wall molding designs. Simply, install the trims in the shapes of horizontal and vertical picture frames and leave them as they are. You can paint them with the same color applied on the walls or with a contrasting shade to create a visual impact.


…Or bring a hint of adornment.

 IMG 2


Crown molding designs with plain trims goes well with contemporary interiors, these works good with a traditional decoration too. You can go for a mix of plain and decorative wall trims so that you don’t flood the place with embellishments.


Some people may think that white moldings on white walls will look monotonous, but moldings themselves are a prominent architectural feature with powerful visual force to be recognized. You can complement the trimmings with ceiling medallions and a classic chandelier (only if the ceiling is high and the room is big enough).


Apply the charm of geometric shapes.

 IMG 3


Geometric shapes go very well with contemporary settings. A combination of molding and fabric will look so unusual but artistic in your bedroom. It will give warmth and add interest and texture. Just attach textile to the wall behind the bed and install moldings in geometric forms on it.


You can use baseboard and chair rail with decorative fabric, foam, or batting. If you can choose the right color combination and texture, such a feature will give the room a sophisticated and elegant vibe. You can use buttons on the foam or fabric to give it a tufted look.


Fill up the blank frames.

 IMG 4


We’ve already shown that you can make the walls alive by applying narrow strips of molding in the shape of picture frames. Frame sizes can vary depending on the scale of the walls and the room.


How can you add more pizzazz to those framed walls? Well, turn it into a mini gallery by hanging your favorite artwork inside those frames. The various sizes of paintings will create an eye-catching display. You can also use the space to show off the artwork drawn by your kids. Your little ones will surely feel happy and proud whenever looking at the walls.


Indulge in a bit luxury.

 IMG 5


Most people don’t have the confidence to install highly decorative wall molding panels thinking that these will look over the top or suffocate a room if it’s not very large. Well, you can still keep a neat and clean look despite going after ornamental moldings.


If your home follows any of the period styles, you can install elaborate molding with embellished details, including ornate trimmings and coving, without giving a second thought! These features were important elements in Victorian interior décor schemes. Your job is to choose a soft color palette and use a couple of wall mirrors to avoid the overbearing look. Cream or off-white has a surprisingly soothing power that will keep the tone down.


These beautiful molding ideas will beautify your walls and help to spread warmth in your interiors. You have to find your style so that the designs not only look marvelous but also aid to channel your personality into the décor scheme. Nice looking wall features can transform your interiors and give your home the much-needed uplift.




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