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Marc Beer helps Women to Overcome Pelvic Floor Disorders

by Chris Holden - July 17th, 2019.
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Pelvic floor disorders happen to about 25% of all women. This condition is not well known among the general population, but it does exist. Pelvic floor disorders consist of conditions that have the ability to cause fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and urinary incontinence. This happens because a female’s pelvic floor muscles cannot be controlled. In other words, when a woman has to go to the bathroom, she will have to use it immediately. She will not be able to hold her waste material because the lack of pelvic muscle control will not allow her to do so. This condition will also impact a woman’s ability to have sex. 


Marc Beer is an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses throughout his career. He has helped to create multiple successful enterprises because he has proven the ability to solve problems. When Beer sees an issue, he knows what must be done to find a solution. That is why he has managed to do well in his line of work for over 25 years. In 2016 he helped to start up the company Renovia. 


Renovia is a medical company that provides therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women who have pelvic floor disorders. They also give women examines and treatment for this condition. Beer partnered with a gynecologist named Dr. Ray Iglesias and another co-founder named Yolanda Lorié to form this company. Beer is the CEO of the organization. This med-tech company has seen enough success that it is now receiving serious funding in support of its operation. 


Marc Beer knows that Renovia will provide the solutions that many women will need to deal with the disorder. Marc Beer is no stranger to helping people with medical issues. In the past, he worked at a company called Genzyme. This company helped people around the world to fight against rare diseases. It served over 350 million people by keeping them free from different types of conditions. Marc Beer is devising new ways to help women with pelvic floor disorder. His work is making a difference for millions of women’s lives across the nation. Learn more:

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