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Marc Beer: Why He Was Chosen to Become the Chairman of the Board at LumeNXT Inc.

by Chris Holden - June 12th, 2019.
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LumeNXT Inc. is a company that manufactures surgical tools that are illuminated with light assisting surgeons who are performing invasive surgeries. Many surgeons around the world are using the tools created by LumeNXT Inc., and they are saying that it helped them perform safer surgeries, with higher precision and accuracy thanks to the lights that are installed in each tool. In the past, the surgeons would have to rely on the flashlights held by an assistant when they are performing surgeries, but the innovation presented by LumeNXT Inc. would really change the medical field forever. The idea to attach an illuminated light on surgical tools developed after the founders of LumeNXT Inc. found out that there are surgeries that are failing because the surgeons are not really comfortable performing the operation. They thought that attaching a light at the end of the surgical tool might resolve the problem, and according to the most recent statistics, the company was able to increase the number of successful operations after their illuminated tools have entered the market.


The company gained a lot of attention because of the innovative product that they have released, and more investors are now trying to work with LumeNXT Inc. because they also wanted to ride on their success. However, the company needs someone who would guide them to become a better company. That is where Marc Beer comes into the picture – the founder of Renovia Inc. who has been in the industry for more than twenty-five years. Marc Beer was recently named as the chairman of the board for LumeNXT Inc., and he happily accepted the post because he knew that he can help the company with their goal of expanding further. Marc Beer is an expert when it comes to managing the business, and he is also regarded as a remarkable entrepreneur after he was able to transform his own company from a small enterprise to a large medical and technological firm. He expressed his gratitude towards the executives working at LumeNXT Inc. because they have chosen him to become the chairman of the board. Marc Beer stated that he would never fail the company, and he has a lot of ideas inside his mind that would revolutionize the way LumeNXT Inc. operates.


Marc Beer developed the Leva Digital System for Renovia Inc., and it helped millions of women around the globe who are suffering from the effects of pelvic floor disorder. Because of the Leva Digital System, he was recognized by different organizations and groups, citing his contribution to the improvement of women’s health. He was able to transform the lives of many women who have fallen victim to the effects of the pelvic floor disorder and vowed to stop any other conditions that would affect the female population. 

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