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MarcioAlaor’s Contributions In and Outside BMG Bank

by Chris Holden - January 28th, 2016.
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Marcio is the current Executive Vice-President of BMG Bank in Brazil. He has introduced as well as supported the implementation of various projects and strategies in the bank and is one of the brains behind the payroll loans initiative. The loans initiative has helped transform the bank and steer it towards being a market leader in the country a glory it once enjoyed a long time ago during its inception. He is also a member of the governing board of the bank that deliberates and initiates development of some of the most crucial decisions affecting BMG group.
Marcio has also been playing a leading role in promoting and coming up with marketing strategies for the bank. He is one of the individuals that came up with the idea that the bank adopts a different approach to its marketing and advertising by taking on sports sponsorship as a way of popularizing the bank. He has also been instrumental in coming up with new and responsive ways through which the bank can reap from this form of advertising by diversifying its sponsorship to not only cover soccer but other sports like volleyball and basketball in not just the men but women categories as well.
However, his influence and contributory role is not just felt within the bank; he has extended it to cover even other areas of the economy. This is especially felt in Antonio De Monte municipality from where he hails from. He has been an ardent supporter of agricultural sector in the municipality that is now taunted as the leading milk producer in the West Mines Gerais region. His support there has been both moral and financial and its fruits are quite visible.
He has received numerous recognition and appreciation for his development inclined goals from different quarters in the country’s leadership as well as in the private sector. For instance, just recently, his promotion of agriculture as a sustainable way of reliance for people in the rural areas was awarded by the Antonio De Monte municipal leadership. During the 33rd Holy Agricultural Exhibition of Antonio De Monte, the food court was renamed Marcio Alaor De Araujo in honor of Marcio’s regular contributions towards the success of the annual trade fair.
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