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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva: Forged From the Fires of Dictatorship

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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The Elements


One of PUC-Sao Paulo’s most eminent professors in Criminal Law, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva boast an impressive resume. Beginning his studies at PUC-Sao Paulo in 1977, Silva quickly found himself as a professor in 1982 and eventually tenured in 2003. Joining the State Judiciary in 1983, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva made apparent his trajectory into the annals of PUC-Sao Paulo. True to his path, Silva was promoted to substitute judge in 2002; eventually becoming a court appeals judge in 2007. In addition to his collection of accolades, PUC-Sao Paulo honored Silva in April of 2018 by naming one of the new auditoriums at the Perdizes Campus after the highly-recognized magistrate.

The Furnace


In 1977, PUC-Sao Paulo not only adds Marco Antonia Marques da Silva to its student roster, but takes a stand against the military dictatorship by hosting the 29th meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC); which was forbidden in public universities. As a response, the Military Police broke into PUC-Sao Paulo and arrested some students, professors, and staff. Facing adversity and military suppression, Marco Antonio Marquez da Silva persevered with his education of criminal law in the midst of an authoritarian military dictatorship; that began with a violent coup in 1964. Throughout the 20 plus years existing under suppressed freedoms of speech and repressed political opposition, PUC-Sao Paulo was the stage that nurtured the talents of a young Marco Antonio Marques da Silva; whose goals were law oriented since the age of 15.


The Craftsmanship


April 1st, 2018: Marco da Silva’s peers sat and listened to the various praises sung by many personalities; including the university president, Dirceu de Mello. Reflecting on the struggles and hardships endured by many Brazilians over the years, Judge Silva represents the harbinger of equality, honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva’s rise into the judicature field was no accident. It is a testimony to Judge Silva’s passion for teaching and constituting honorable practices in law.


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