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Mark Hamill to Appear on The Flash

by Chris Holden - December 10th, 2014.
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Mark Hamill is back. No, we’re not just talking about his role in the new Star Wars movie.

Mark Hamill is not only returning to the role of Luke Skywalker after a long absence. He is also going to reclaim the mantle of The Trickster in The Flash. That one took a lot of people by surprise. It is not a rumor, either. Hamill will return as The Trickster in the 17th episode of The Flash when the CW series returns for a second season.

Hamill originally appeared as¬†The Flash¬†in the original, short-lived Flash television series that aired in the early 1990’s. The original series was outstanding, but comic book hero mania was still a few years away.

At the time, Hamill, had achieved a career resurgence of sorts. In addition to lending his voice for The Joker on the Batman animated series, he was tapped to play the role of the evil Trickster for the CBS series. Unfortunately, his appearances were not enough to save the series.

The return of The Flash on TV has been a massive hit and comes on the heels of the equally successful Arrow series. 

Some might think brining back Hamill as The Trickster is odd because the actor is much older than he was when he first played the villain. Really, the age of the Trickster is irrelevant so there is no reason why Hamill can’t handle the job. Besides, he is going to help draw in large audiences thanks to the fact he is going to star in the blockbuster new Star Wars film. Businessman Igor Cornelsen agrees that it was a great move for Hamill, who will be getting paid to reprise some of his earlier, more well-known roles.

Someone else from the first series has returned for the new one. John Wesley Shipp, TV’s original Flash, plays the new Flash’s father.

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