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Mark Mofid Transforms the Plastic Surgery Industry

by Chris Holden - June 20th, 2018.
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Hardly will you hear anything related to gluteal augmentation in the news. Whenever it is mentioned, it is associated with medical malpractices or something similar. Although this industry has a terrible background, Dr. Mark Mofid has been working towards changing its practices and strategies in order to transform it for the better. Dr. Mofid is a highly respected professional in the cosmetic medical industry as a result of the knowledge and skills he holds concerning this line of work. He studied at the Johns Hopkins and Harvard University, thus considered to have attained a lot of knowledge concerning medical procedures from both of these top institutions. Mark Mofid is also an industry innovator as he has been able to restore and rebuild the plastic surgery industry by creating high-quality products that are compatible with the muscle structure of a human being’s body.

Dr. Mark Mofid is highly entrusted to his customers as his medical practices are safe, alongside having a remarkable reputation. There are a lot of delicate medical procedures that are carried out in the gluteal augmentation industry such as the fixing of larger implants in various parts of the body. However, if Dr. Mofid identifies that carrying out a particular procedure might harm an individual, could be in future, he does not proceed with the surgery as he prioritizes the safety of his customers. Being a top professional in this industry, Mofid is continually searching for ways to improve the procedures practiced to facilitate the production of better results. His approach to innovation is through examining the known details, using scientific facts to understand different phenomena, as well as embracing smart and creative ideas.

For more than eight years, Dr. Mark Mofid has been striving to develop different kinds of surgeries. When he joined this industry, he immediately identified that there was a lot that needed to be done. Therefore, he decided to be the cause of change, thus focusing on improving the techniques and products used in surgeries. One of the greatest issues that had been associated with gluteal augmentation was that implants were destined to sag and were generic. As Dr. Mofid could not proceed on working with products that were simply faulty, he took the initiative to recreate the industry by developing new gluteal implants.

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