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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are One Of The Best Investments You Can Make

by Chris Holden - May 5th, 2018.
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When we come across viral videos, most of us tend to fall into two different camps. Some of us will have a knee jerk reaction that falls into the disbelief category. Others may want to feel as if they are being told the truth. Matt Badiali’s recent viral clip about the benefits of Freedom Checks was certainly polarizing.

Most of us would like to believe that Matt Badiali is telling the truth about these Freedom Checks. Who wouldn’t like to receive money that seemingly falls out of the sky? While there are those who may allow themselves to believe that these checks constitute free money, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are not free money. They represent a return on an investment. Matt Badiali discovered the existence of these checks when he took a closer look at the laws on file. Statute 26-F states that any company that creates 90 percent of its revenue from various activities that are connected to natural resources can become a designated agency.

Once a company has become a designated agency, investors can benefit by placing lucrative bets on the companies that are most likely to achieve major profits. The Freedom Checks that are received are actually not free at all. They represent the necessary return on the client’s investment and the companies that qualify for the aforementioned statute must make these checks payable to their shareholders.

Shareholders are able to take home far more than the companies make and Badiali is also recommending a few options for those who seek the proper investments. He has established a few ironclad rules for would be investors as well. The company should already have the proper amount of assets ($1 billion) readily available and they should display a strong track record of providing investors with profits. Read this article at

SunCoke Energy Partners and San Juan Basin are just a couple of the companies that he is recommending to investors and they meet the criteria that he has set. While he has been somewhat opaque when it comes to the recommendations that he provides, Franco-Nevada is another company he is touting…according to the context clues he’s offered.

Freedom Checks are a viable investment opportunity for those who are in search of ways to maximize their disposable income. While they can allow us to reap a massive return on our investments, we must take the time to do the proper research before deciding to take the plunge.


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