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Matt Fleeger: Idea Man At Gulf Coast Western

by Chris Holden - October 31st, 2019.
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Sometimes, to achieve success, it takes a partnership of a person of great ideas with a superior business model. This is the case with Gulf Coast Western’s business focus and the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, the firm’s president and CEO.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is focused on exploration, development, and acquisition of commercial hydrocarbon reserves. Their principal area of activity is the prolific Gulf Coast region of the southern U.S.  The firm’s main goal has never wavered throughout its near half-century history: To participate in the best risk-assessed oil and gas opportunities that provide significant returns for their stakeholders.

Matt Fleeger

The ideas that CEO Fleeger has put into action have resulted in an impressive performance for Gulf Coast Western. His corporate influence and focus revolve around several themes: Leadership, quality business relationships, and meaningful community involvement.

Leadership is key for Matt Fleeger. His grounding in finance and marketing, coupled with his strong entrepreneurial skills, have provided him the tools for success. His entrepreneurial mind has taught him to visualize results first, then design and implement a path to get there. He has held and excelled in numerous executive roles, both within and outside of the oil and gas industry.

The CEO’s knack for developing and maintaining key business relationships has served Gulf Coast Western admirably. His honesty and integrity have made him and his firm a go-to partner in the often-volatile oil patch. Indeed, he is currently forming new business relationships with key partners to expand the business from its Gulf Coast hub to the southwestern U.S.


Matt Fleeger strongly believes that giving back this part of great leadership. Accordingly, he is involved in numerous philanthropic causes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Among these is the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, which is known for excellence in science and math needed to prepare the next generation for impactful and meaningful careers.

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