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Matt Fleeger Is Helping Grow His Industry

by Chris Holden - July 26th, 2019.
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Gulf Coast Western has built itself a strong reputation since it was first founded back in 1970 by the father of Matt Fleeger. While the company may have started out only focusing on the region of the Gulf Coast, Matt Fleeger, their Chief Executive Officer and President, has been hard at work with efforts to expand their partnerships to other parts of the United States. While the headquarters of the company is based in Dallas, they now have other locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 2 partnerships, in particular, have allowed the company to expand their footprint in just Southwestern Louisiana significantly.

Business is in the blood of Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western is not the only company that the entrepreneur has been able to lead to success. In the world of medical waste manage, his former company MedSolutions managed to build itself a strong presence before being purchased 13 years after it was founded. In addition to waste management and oil, Matt Fleeger is also a big name in the tanning industry after being instrumental in the founding and expansion of both Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan throughout the United States.

Integrity is important to Matt Fleeger and the business plan of Gulf Coast Western. By building trust and having transparency with their partners, he is able to build strong business relationships that last for years to come. The majority of Gulf Coast Western’s partners have done business with the company more than once. The oil and gas industry is going through some big changes right now and entrepreneurs such as Matt Fleeger are working to make improvements to increase revenue for their partners while providing for the energy needs of their clients. These partnerships help combine expertise along with resources to research and explore sites for deposits.

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