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MB2 Dental: the next generation of Dentistry

by Chris Holden - June 28th, 2017.
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Think about your last trip to the Dentist, most people will only rate it possibly a step above the MVD or the Post Office. Like most things in life, with new generations, come new ideas and a refreshing approach. MB2 Dental is that cool mist that is desperately needed for patients and practitioners.

Ideamensch caught up with Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental. Here are some highlights of the interview which paint a picture of a truly insightful person.Villanueva was asked about the origin of the idea to start MB2 Dental. In short, he describes his options out of school as being drab and marred by bureaucracy. So like most creative people he asked why or why not? He decided to combine the good elements that would support practitioners which allow them to put patients first. Villanueva was also asked for a summary of his daily activity? To which he responded: “I really think a lot of CEOs make the mistake of getting down into the minutiae of the day-to-day tasks and micromanaging. If you have hired the right people, you should be setting vision, keeping them inspired and staying the heck out of their way!” This against the grain approach shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is the same Dr. Villanueva that in the same interview admitted to carrying out covert Nerf Gun attacks throughout the office.

More from Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva on MB2 Dental and his unique ideas can also be found on Epodcast Network. Why just read snippets of the interview when you can listen to it? To briefly summarize more ideas from Villanueva on the future of Dentistry here are some quotes of his ideas from

  • “MB2 Dental prides itself on being progressive and in-tune with practice trends and standards.”
  • “Firmly entrenched in a youthful culture backed by practical experience and success.”
  • “An environment where dentists can learn and grow from each other.”
  • “And finally, a young, technologically advanced company able to provide speed-to-market.”

I think one of the important messages to take away from both interviews with Dr. Villanueva is the consistent theme of being open to new ideas that benefit the practitioner and patient. Also, that MB2 Dental makes use of technology, they do not shy away from it to stay within parameters established by the industry that has been stale for decades. Basically, you’re not going to your grandmother’s dentist.

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