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Mc Donals Beef Supplier, OSI Group, Partners with Impossible Foods to Create the Impossible Burger

by Chris Holden - October 9th, 2019.
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Impossible Foods, a plant based food company, is happy to announce to one and all that they have partnered up with OSI Group to increase the production capacity of their veggie burgers, called the Impossible Burger. The OSI company is a major manufacturer of different protein products, with 65 manufacturing plants in 17 countries around the globe. They have many satisfied clients, with McDonalds topping the list. They have been this company’s supplier of meat patties for over sixty years now. The OSI Group and Impossible Foods collaboration came about when this food startup realized that they can no longer handle the massive demand. They recently ventured with Burger King to produce the Impossible Whooper, which was sold in 59 locations.

However, Impossible Foods was not able to anticipate the positive reception, so they literally ran out of Impossible Burger Patties to sell and they had nothing to offer their clients who wanted more. The Impossible Foods senior vice president for products and operations, Ms. Sheetal Shah said that it was quite a disastrous and embarrassing situation to be put in. They knew that people wanted veggie alternatives, but they did not realize that there is a throng of people who are now into plant based burgers. But she also noted that this faux pas is a blessing in disguise. Because of the shortage, the company realized where they need to improve. Hence, they made the decision to collaborate with OSI Group.

Impossible Foods has a lot of confidence in the capabilities of OSI Group in increasing their production capacity. The OSI company has been a world leader in this industry, so they are assured of knowledge and expertise that this reliable team can offer to help Impossible Foods reach greater heights. They are confident that with this new partnership, Impossible Foods can now meet the strong demand for the Impossible Burger. Ms. Shah also said that their company is looking forward to a possible future collaboration with McDonalds. Now that they have tapped the help of the Golden Arches’ leading meat supplier, they understand that quality behind the burger patties produced by McDonalds. Impossible Foods is eager to build a long and happy relationship with OSI, so they can continue to ensure that stocks will be available for their clients.

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