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McDonalds OSI Group Expands

by Chris Holden - August 15th, 2019.
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The OSI Group, an American privately-owned holding company of meat processors, based in Aurora, is one out of five McDonalds suppliers. The company is a renowned organization with branches in 17 countries. The company became the restaurant’s supplier in 1960 and had ever since been supplying the restaurant with meat. I guess we now know why we have had a smooth run without shortages. The OSI Group recently partnered with famous Impossible Burgers to increase its production capacity. The Impossible Burgers had warned customers that it was having a hard time keeping up with the meatless burger demand.

Then came OSI Group to the rescue. With the protein manufacturing company’s help, the Impossible Burgers will be able to meet their need and increase their sales graph significantly. McDonalds has been reluctant to venture into the meatless burger, due to fear of supply shortages, plus the organization is so big compared to the scarce resources, meaning not all their branches could be able to serve that particular type of burgers. It is either the vegan community is growing, or people just decided to switch to a healthier lifestyle and avoid all the meaty junks, and this is mainly because the market trend has shifted from best meat burgers to meatless ones.

It means that the demand for protein based plants is very high, and there seems to be insufficient supply to satisfy McDonalds full scale. As a result of this, the Impossible Burgers have the upper hand, and from next month through 2019, and next year, the protein company will be manufacturing the plant-based proteins. The current market demand for protein plants will favor the Impossible Burgers. Their sales are to go high and who knows, maybe they will be the ones serving 69 million clients a day. And lucky for us, the menu will expand, to even healthier alternatives and we now have an assurance of steady supply and without shortages in our desired tastes. Seems like either way, the meat processing company has gotten us covered, whether we decide to be vegetarians or fans of animal products. It is a solution where everyone benefits for us.


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