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Mental health lessons from Ara Chackerian

by Chris Holden - August 20th, 2019.
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Based in San Francisco, Ara Chackerian is an investor in early-stage healthcare companies committed to reinvesting the system. He is not only the co-founder and president of Limoapa Teak farm but is also in partnership to spread the awareness and accessibility of transcranial magnetic stimulation. He is also the Director at TMS Health Solutions and serves as a board of director in PipelineRx and Nor Luyce. As a result of his engagement in the health care sector, he often identifies a problem in the niche and writes about them in an attempt of offering a solution. Last year, when the suicide rates were high, the gentleman authored a piece on the same. Notably, the entrepreneur was addressing the issue of stigmatization of suicide.

According to him, suicide is not something that society embraces. Its evidence is seen in how media glosses news of suicide and how families omit suicide as the death cause in the obituaries. In the specific article, Ara Chackerian advised the society to stop treating suicide as a taboo, arguing that it is this fear that makes suicide to continue prevailing as a disaster taking away many lives. He additionally urged people to talk about suicide because it is through talking about it that people will find a solution to suicide as is the case of other occurrences like cancer. This is not the only article that denotes Ara Chackerian love for mental health.

During the month of mental health last year, the guy also detailed a piece of the actions that people need to take to help loved ones suffering from mental health problems. He recommended five things that people should do during the month of mental health. Firstly, Ara Chackeria urged society to know the best ways of handling mental health issues stating that different mental health issues require different strategies to manage. The other things he recommended included making experiences with mental health problems public, eliminating stigma, controlling one’s mental health, and getting involved in mental health for the good of the community. With such dedicated minds of tackling mental health issues, the subject will soon become outdated. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

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