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Michel Terpins: Taking Brazil to the global maps of racing

by Chris Holden - October 28th, 2017.
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Not all of us have a passion for working on a desktop every day, and some of us find happiness in entirely different paths such as engaging in sports. There are many types, but Michel Terpins chose to raise dust and make headlines through racing. The forty-year-old Terpins was born in Sao Paulo and hails from a family of sports lovers, and perhaps that is what influenced him to join the track. For instance, his father Jack Terpin was a successful basketball player while his brother Rodrigo Terpins is still heavily involved in racing. However, he did not just go into car racing. Instead, he began as a motorbike racer in 2002 which helped cement a solid foundation for his future career.

He later ventured into the world of car racing by becoming a prototype T1 rally driver. Michael and his brother work together to keep the legacy of the family in sports flying high, and that is why the two of them joined hands to form the Bull Sertoes Rally team. The team has now been on the ground for four seasons now, and it seems there is no going back. Since then Michael and his co-driver, Maykel Justo have continued to record win after win in the various rallies held by the Sertoes rally team and also others such as the Mitsubishi cup and even the Brazilian Championship cup.

However, in the last rally held by the Sertoes rally team, he encountered several problems which left him in 5th position which is not that bad. During the race, his T-REX toppled which caused them to slow down. Fortunately, they did not sustain any critical injuries and were able to finish the race which covered approximately three thousand kilometers. They also encountered some mechanical problems during the third stage of the race, but they were able to overcome. To be fully set for the next edition of the Bull Sertoes rally, Michael’s racing car had some modifications done on his vehicle such as replacing the engine of the T-REX with that of a V8 so it can be able to withstand any terrain. When it comes to racing Michael is undoubtedly winning, and he continues to take Brazil to the global map.

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