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Midpoint of NBA Season

by Chris Holden - January 20th, 2015.
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With the midpoint of the National Basketball Association 2014-2015 finally here, sportscasters and writers all over the country are weighing in on how teams have fared thus far and are making predictions for the rest of the season. This has been a shocking year for fans like to say the least. As pointed out by my friend Mark Ahn on Twitter, the standings look nothing like what was expected at the beginning of the season.

The NBA has been dominated by a handful of teams that looked to be in the middle to top of the pack, but definitely not stand out teams. Hands down the Warriors and the Hawks have been playing the best basketball in the NBA, as they sit very far atop each of their respective conferences. The Warriors have been simply fantastic, as they have already enjoyed a sixteen and a seven game winning streak so far. The Atlanta Hawks have only lost two games since they lost six early on and the Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trailblazers have made some major splashes in the league as well.

Perhaps the biggest shocker of all this season and really one of the biggest shockers in recent memories is the terrible play that has been coming out of New York. The Knicks look absolutely pathetic, as they continue to lose by huge amounts night after night. They hit the midpoint of the season with only five wins under their belt and thirty-six glaring losses thus far.

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