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by Chris Holden - February 15th, 2016.
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With the new advancements in entertainment technology it is now easier than ever to become a minor celebrity with basic knowledge of computers. While Twitter and Facebook have done quite a bit of work on making people famous for their contributions to the internet, Youtube has easily facilitated careers the widest variety of internet careers. From the discovery of Justin Bieber to the infamous video game reviewer “Pewdie Pie” there is very little that you can’t get famous for on Youtube. Youtubers, as they are affectionately called by the millineal generation, talk about topics that range from satire news reviews, to self help. There is even audience choice awards for Youtuber of the year.

One of the more interesting video careers comes in the form of self help videos which get quite the heavy following if the Youtuber knows what he or she is talking about. One example of this is Wengie, the famous Australian Youtuber with almost 1 million subscribers who focuses most of her content on beauty and fashion in her videos. Wengie began her career as a digital marketing specialist who helped organizations get their content noticed by recommending the use of Facebook pages and Blogs. Wengie then went on to create her own blog so that she could connect with the people she was working with by understanding the trials of getting your blog noticed. With that she started blogging about fashion and beauty because it is something she cares about and from humble beginnings she is now the famous Youtuber well known today.

Wengie is a great example of how easy it is to make money talking about the hobbies that you care about because by her own admittance, she has had no professional experience or training in makeup and even her own mother never uses it. She learned everything she knows by getting ideas from magazines and other Youtubers, practicing herself, and making videos based on the tips and tricks she learned in practice. In essence, the internet has been instrumental in being able to learn information yourself, and sharing helpful information with others.

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