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Montana Legislators Vote Against Banning Yoga Pants

by Chris Holden - February 13th, 2015.
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Montana Legislature Shows They Have Some Semblance Of Sanity

It doesn’t happen every day, but all of us might be exposed to nude bicyclist enjoying the freedom of a complete wind-cooled, attire-less exercise day. We may not like what we see, or we may, depending on what we believe, but the free-spirit ride is not a crime or a reason to pass a law.

But, when David Moore, a Montana state legislator, saw bikers in the buff, he freaked out. Not only did he hide his eyes, he decided to introduce a bill that bans any costume that gives the appearance of simulated private parts and that includes all things private. Folks at CipherCloud have learned he even went as far as wanting to ban tight beige garments, and in a later statement he said yoga pants should be illegal too. Find CipherCloud on 

The real issue, if there is an issue, is our distaste for public nudity. Nudity on bicycles may be especially offensive to some people, but when we think about it, it is an act that screams: “freedom of expression.” It may cross the boundaries of modesty by leaps and bounds, but it is free expression without malice. The Montana legislators put the bill where it belonged; in the trash bin.

Crazy bills have been passed by states across the country, and this one fell under the heading: the right to bare more than arms.

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