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Neurocore Challenges Mental Health with Mental Training

by Chris Holden - November 12th, 2018.
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Neurocore is a collection a centers that focus on brain performance. These “brain-training” companies offer a third option to patients diagnosed with behavioral and mental health conditions. This third option is known as neurofeedback, which is a form of neurotherapy that relies on real-time displays of brain activity to aid patients in self-regulation. Neurocore was founded in 2004 and has expanded it treatment regimen to a wide variety of mental disorders. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The magic behind Neurocore’s brain assessed training programs is its use of EEG, neurofeedback, and qEEG to boost mental acuity. The idea is to strengthen the connection between mind and body. By improving mental acuity Neurocore assists patients with a various conditions. It aids in improving sleeping disorders, stress management, anxiety, and depression. The revolutionary treatment also uses HRV, or heart rate variability, to generate biofeedback. This allows patients to take control of their condition and fight back. Neurocore’s origins can be traced back to the formation of EEG.

An electroencephalogram, or EEG, is a test for electrical activity within the brain. This activity is measured using electrodes that are placed on the scalp. The electrical impulses they detect are highly effective in diagnosing mental conditions. They have also been proved as a successful treatment for some disorders as well. The first EEG recording was made in 1929. This treatment was followed by the qEEG, or quantitative electroencephalography.


qEEG is also known as brain mapping. A qEEG takes electrical activity and compares it to a baseline of information. Using statistics and algorithms the brain is completely mapped. This helps to pinpoint mental disorders, and also provides a working plan of attack. qEEG’s arrived in 1990. Both procedures have revealed more about the human brain than ever before. In the wake of these discoveries companies like Neurocore apply innovation to their work ethic.

With this understanding comes a better way of treating such disorders. To this end Neurocore uses the information gleaned from EEG’s and qEEG’s to track, train, and treat any and all patients. So far its centers are only located in Michigan and Florida. Its brain training therapy is used in professional sports as well. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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