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New Innovations With OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies

by Chris Holden - August 4th, 2020.

An article with Kaleidoko entitled “OwnZones Media Network”, discusses how the company developed a strategy, which set off to develop programming that would fully leverage the 360 approach that OwnZones’ ubiquitous medium that set it apart from the others.

OWNZONES is a pioneer technology company that offers digital supply chain solutions as well as video apps that are customizable. In 2019, the company’s team exhibited during the SMPTE 2019 which took place in Los Angeles, CA. Held in Los Angeles, SMPTE is regarded as a top entertainment tech event that offer a hub for professionals of M&E globally to come together and share tech solutions that are innovative.

The event is also meant to inspire new connections as well as seed new ideas amongst the broader M&E community. The OWNZONES team set up a booth where they showcased its platform of media supply chain in the cloud known as Connect™.

Connect has a feature in particular known as FrameDNA which is a tool that is Al-driven and identifies automatically the differences that exist between multiple video track frames. The feature also allows the user to eliminate redundancies as well as consolidate their content library inside the cloud.

The company stated that it was happy connecting with familiar and new faces during the SMPTE 2019 and having a clear understanding of what media companies require when it comes to a supply chain too. OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies also stated that it enjoyed demonstrating how its solutions assist in streamlining the workflow of their content. Go Here for more information.

Founded by Dan Goman, OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies operates in the technology industry and has acquired a reputation as a leading technology company. The company hopes to achieve market expansion and introduce a number of content initiatives that are related to technology. Under the outstanding leadership of Dan Goman who also serves as the CEO, OWNZONES has registered massive growth and expansion since it was founded in 2009, with close to 11 years in operation, the technology company has worked with many media houses across the world.


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