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NGP VAN and Other Advancements Take Politics into the 21st Century

by Chris Holden - October 17th, 2018.
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Politics today has gone through a series of advancements. The advancements have to take the form of new ways of promoting candidates and new ways to canvass in the field. Political advertising isn’t simply done on TV and on the radio, now ads are seen on social media and in emails. Add the constant polling via the telephone and the mail and you’ve almost covered all the advancements until you consider reaching out to the constituents of each politician.


That’s when you encounter the latest advancement in technology. Years ago, the process of canvassing to spread the news about a candidate was completely accomplished through hours of pouring over papers. Papers that highlighted the homes to be canvassed and the parties to speak to at those homes and records to show those homes had indeed been contacted. That’s all changed now with the advent of an app used on the tablets and cell phones of the campaign volunteer canvassers. Introducing NGP VAN, the campaigning software used primarily by the Democratic Party.

NGP VAN gives canvassers and their management real-time updates about their progress giving them the freedom to proceed to the next neighborhood. The software allows the canvasser to know which doors in the vicinity they are canvassing need to be knocked. Each time a door is knocked the volunteer updates the software and every participant is made aware in real time of the team’s progress.


This automatic real-time update eliminates a lot of work on the part of the volunteers and the campaign manager. Real-time access is also made available through live streaming. Candidates can address the public about issues, informing them of local problems and solutions. Live streaming gives constituents and candidates a voice on TV, radio, cell phones, PC’s, tablets and social media.


NGP VAN was developed and introduced in iOS in 2010 and it was released in android in 2011. Since its introduction, NGP VAN has grown in its usage from being used by less than 50% of the volunteers to over 60% in 2018 now using the software. Documented contacts have doubled since its introduction.


Technological advances are contributing to political contacts with the voter being that much more circumstantial. Now, the voter can get information first hand directly from the politician or their representative with far much ease.


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