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Nitin Khanna in Business Technology

by Chris Holden - April 5th, 2019.
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Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial engineering from Purdue University. His hobbies include being a DJ, where he is a self-taught DJ owning a club in Portland. Speaking on his venture to entrepreneurship, Khanna says that his family that motivated him when he was still young, since he saw many business transactions done in his household, including family trips with his relatives, cement, studio, and motorcycle plans being laid and executed. After completing his studies with a Ph.D. in robotics, Nitin Khanna decided to jump out of academics and start to work for a living. He then decided to start a business with his brother who joined him in the US in 1999. They founded a company in software by the name Saber software which then grew in the subsequent 10 years and got recognized as the US election software.

Having worked with many various companies, Nitin Khanna has helped the companies strategize in setting the companies’ vision, culture, mission, company strategy and how they each view people as a whole since he believes that the only differentiating factor between companies is how they view people. Having helped many companies set their strategies; Khanna says that it’s the willingness to have things done that helps him set these strategies successfully in different entities. He achieves this same idea by hiring a people with the same mind and who are highly talented in their work, hence creating a sure path to success. Like-minded workers help keep the company’s culture which is an exceedingly important factor towards success.

Concerning his future plans, Nitin Khanna has a plan for his native people, a plan of creating for them an Indian-based technology for managing businesses. He as a result invested in Mohali-Based startup Isos Inc. with $5 million. The software aims at facilitating entrepreneurship productivity with smart solutions like; inventory management, security management, real-time tracking and monitoring and cashless transactions among many others. The software has a wide scope in that it can be used from government buildings, offices to campuses.

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