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Norman Pattiz and Edison Research Announce Results

by Chris Holden - April 1st, 2017.
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Since June 2016, Norman Pattiz has been Executive Chairman at PodcastOne. He’s was also named Chief Executive Officer that same year. He’s one of the most accomplished broadcasters in the country. He’s won numerous awards recognizing his professional and civic accomplishments. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

His success exceeds the normal degree of accomplishments for broadcasters. He’s spent a lot of his career with the U.S. government and various universities around the country. For six years, he served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in America. In 1974, he founded his own company, Westwood One Inc.

More recently, Pattiz has been working at PodcastOne. Along with Tom Webster, of Edison Reseach, he performed a study that conducted advertising tests with five major consumer brands. The study looked at how much impact brand advertising had when advertised on podcasts. The results were significantly positive.

The study was the first of its kind, showing data of pre- and post- campaigning. Initially, only 7 percent of listeners mentioned a specific brand. Post-campaign results showed that that number had jumped to over 60 percent. Even products that consumers probably didn’t already know about saw huge jumps in brand recognition.

Edison Research conducted three studies. The studies tested all sorts of brands in all sorts of categories and each had its own desired objective. Some brands were already popular and had new messages. Other brands were lesser-known and just wanted to increase brand recognition. No matter what the case, online surveys were conducted for each to the same extent.

Surveys were conducted before and after the podcast advertising campaigns ran. Each campaign lasted anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks and used the same methodology in each case. The overall result was that podcast campaigns showed an increase in consumer awareness.

As the world shifts it news gathering more to online sources, podcast campaigning is sure to increase. With number jumps of over 30 percent for nearly every category tested shows how much of an impact podcasts have on advertising. This could be the start of a new avenue for advertisers.

Norman Pattiz commented that the main focus was to obtain independently verified evidence that podcast formats can also provide enhanced brand recognition. Tom Webster added that the results are undeniable proof because of the “before and after” results.

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