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Nothing But Good Reviews For Dr. Jennifer Walden.

by Chris Holden - July 16th, 2018.
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Dr. Jennifer Walden has treated hundreds of patients during her career as a dedicated, Board Certified, female plastic surgeon. She has her own surgery and laser center in Austin Texas and has received many excellent, patient reviews on her professionalism, her kind, caring manner and their satisfaction with the outcome of their procedures.

Her work has received accolades from accredited medical institutions and latterly she has become quite a celebrity. She has been a guest on TV programs, her comments and opinions have been featured regularly in a local, Texan magazine and she has co-authored a book in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr, Walden is in the minority. Only one percent of cosmetic plastic surgeons are female and of that one per cent, only 20% are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is a great believer of feeling good about yourself on the outside as well as on the inside. Within her medical center is a Health and Wellness Center offering numerous services in various therapies to restore and revitalize your body and sexual wellness.

Her cosmetic work can make years disappear by lessening sagging skin or reducing lines and wrinkles on the face, improve the shape and size of your breasts or use a procedure to tone and reshape many other parts of the body with or without invasive surgery. Her medical center provides procedures for men and women and features hair restoration, removal of unwanted hair, treatment of skin imperfections and stretch marks with innovative laser technology.

She is nationally recognized for her breast cancer awareness and has been named as being one of the top 25 Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in the country. Inside her medically approved, office operating room, she takes great pride in changing people’s visions of themselves, so that they can live a more contented life.

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