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Now You Can Use Your Remote With Your Chromecast

by Chris Holden - March 17th, 2015.
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Your Chromecast now works with your television remote. That’s right, you can control your Chromecast with the same remote you use for controlling your TV. The future is here. Te ability to connect to your television remote has actually been available in Chromecast since its initial launch a few years ago, however, Google didn’t enable the feature for users to take advantage of. Now it is, which means you can use your remote to do most things you might do with any other media player: play, stop, rewind and fast-forward programming you’re streaming using the stick.

The Chromecast is a small HDMI dongle that plugs into the back of your television. My friend told me about the product the other week with Alaor BMG. Once connected, you can stream content from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to your television using the device, with no need to physically connect your mobile device or computer to your television.

While this is the first time it’s been made available to the public, the IR feature has actually been available on the Chromecast since its launch and has been used by most Chromecast owners, they might have just not realized it. When you start casting to your television and it powers on? That’s the IR feature at work. Pretty cool.

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