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Nutrimost suing Healthy Living over Weight Loss Video

by Chris Holden - July 20th, 2016.
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There is a current legal battle going on between two weight loss companies purveying a new weight loss system that is gaining popularity across the country. One company, Nutrimost, is suing the other company, Healthy Living, over a video that was posted and left up on the Healthy Living website as a promotional video. Nutrimost says that the company pirated their original video and stole their weight loss plan in completion to help sell it to their potential customers.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
Nutrimost even went as far as to send a cease and desist letter last September to Healthy Living to stop using the video. Healthy Living did not adhere to this request from the Nutrimost legal team. They originally left the video up completely. Then later posted a heavily edited and shortened version of Nutrimost’s content after that. As of today, the video is no longer posted on the Healthy Living website. Nutrimost lawyers have pointed out that the Healthy Living video even used some of the same customer testimonials and doctor testimonials to promote the weight loss plan.

This groundbreaking weight loss plan has gained steam across America since it was created in 2014. The program uses spiritual healing and the NRF “Nutrimost Resonant Frequency” to help guide people on their weight loss plan. Many people around the United States have seen some great results with the plan. Once couple even lost a combine 140 lbs. in the first year on the program.

Nutrimost’s slogan is “The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan”. They say the stolen video that Healthy Living posted merely changed this slogan to “Can’t Lose Diet”. They are suing the company for $300,000 for damages to their reputation. They are also seeking a court order directed at Healthy Living that will prevent them from ever posting the video on their website again.

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