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Oisin Hanrahan: Founder and CEO of Handy

by Chris Holden - December 17th, 2015.
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Entrepreneur Oisin Hanrahan has used his time wisely during his young life. A successful student from Trinity College, in his hometown of Dublin, He landed in Boston to get his MBA at Harvard Business School.

While other students were busy studying . He was building his second successful business in his lifetime. He started his first business while still a teenaged undergraduate at Trinity, developing real estate by renovating and selling apartment buildings in Eastern Europe on the weekends. This turned into a highly successful business –the Clearwater Group. He started his second business, Handy, during his first year of graduate school at Harvard. He partnered with Weina Scott, Ignacio Leonhardt , and Umang Dua
Modeled on Uber the driving service app, Handy provided what many people are looking for,- DIY and cleaning services at the touch of a button at a very reasonable price. The idea to create a digital platform for these services came when Hanrahan and Dua found it difficult to find cleaning service for themselves during their first year at Harvard. So far, it proves easier to get into Harvard than to land a position cleaning and providing home improvement for Handy’s many satisfied customers. Pleasing the customer is a top priority to Hanrahan. Workers are screened diligently-they must pass background checks, a personal interview and provide excellent references.
Soon, business was booming. Hanrahan and his partners have surpassed their expectations. He has 140 offices in 28 cities throughout Europe and North America. It has been estimated that his financial worth stands close to $500 million, after only 3 years of business. All because Harahan saw a need and filled it.
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