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OSI Food Solutions’ Commitment to Sustainable Food Production

by Chris Holden - May 31st, 2019.
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The OSI is ranked among the top food producers in the whole world. The company is headed by Mr. Lavin, who is the Chief Executive officer. In recent news, the company has vowed to ensure sustainable food production. This particular commitment is based on the company’s ability to overcome the problems of cutting-edge technology. OSI Food Solutions has been known to be very innovative during the period of time that it has offered its services to the world. The story behind the growth of OSI Food Solutions from just a local butcher facility, an international company is the most encouraging success story. After Sheldon Lavin took over the company, it has been doing so well and also expanded to other regions of the world. Lavin made sure that the company incorporated digital technology and also strategies in its daily operations.

This improved the company’s efficiency in food production. The environmental foot print that was brought about as a result of the company’s activities was also significantly minimized. The company’s management is now very much focused on achieving sustainability. So as to achieve its goals, OSI Food Solutions has to use the upcoming technologies and also adopt new strategies. This has enabled the company and also it’s CEO to receive several awards for outstanding performance. One of the awards includes the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award which was awarded to the company. The company has also received several other awards.

Since the time of its founding, OSI Food Solutions currently owns a number of more than sixty -five openings in various countries across the world. The company’s ability to adopt current technologies is one of the major factors that have led to its fast growth. The objective to achieve sustainability has been strongly supported by extensive research and also efforts to bring about development. OSI Food Solutions has also established several Culinary Innovation Facilities, which will support one of the company’s goals of coming up with new technologies. Nicole Johnson was also given the responsibility of managing the worldwide sustainability strategies for the company.

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