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OSI Food Solutions Delivers by Customizing Orders

by Chris Holden - May 4th, 2019.
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The secret of accumulating wealth is having sound marketing strategies for your business. OSI food solution understands this art so well resulting in tremendous growth. They have been able to conquer the market since they always customize their products to customer specifications. Unlike other food processors who produce in large quantities and market their products, OSI food solutions produce by customizing their products to each customers specification.

OSI Food Solutions partners with various organizations in the world. Each client is supposed to come up with product specification of what they want. Therefore, the company does not offer a uniform catalog and instead requires each client to come up with a food item that they need. OSI food solutions culinary team has rich experience in preparing popular flavors and food items around the world. This kind of marketing ensures that they deliver exactly what their customers want.

The renowned team can develop menus for lunch, breakfast, dinner food deliveries, snacking and cuisine specific menus just to mention a few. The company is keen on adapting to new trends in the hospitality industry. The trends include vegetarian choices which have grown from a natural niche offering into a modern dieting formula.

The OSI food solution processes poultry to create a variety of products for a chain of restaurants. The most popular products from poultry are chicken meatballs and chicken pieces. The company also produces raw cuts in its division in China and the US. Poultry demand has been continuously rising. This is because more chains have decided to offer chicken-centric menu items. To serve this growing demand, the company has doubled its poultry production in Toledo based plant.

Beef also produces a variety of products ranging from cooked, raw and formed products such as burgers, beef steak, meatballs, Salisbury steak, and meatloaf. Beef is a massive global industry that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the company is adapting efficient beef processing methods to delivery beef products to all its customers around the world.

Demand for pork processed products cannot be underestimated. Pork can be processed and used to produce roasted pork, bacon bits, riblets, cooked sausage links, precooked bacon strips, and raw and cooked sausage patties. The OSI food solutions allow their customers to customize their pork menu.

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