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OSI Group; a vital part of US business history

by Chris Holden - August 2nd, 2019.
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OSI Group is known to many as one of the most reputable food companies in the whole world. OSI Group is also one of the oldest food companies this world has ever seen. At the start of the 20th century, the company established its shop in the city of Chicago. The initial domain of the company was the meat industry. The humble beginnings of the company were only a small corner shop which sold meat on the roads of Chicago. It was a family business. However, the main idea of the industry since the very start was to ensure it expanded rapidly. Due to this, it was always looking for the different opportunities which it could avail to expand. As a result, it soon extended far beyond the roads of Chicago into mainland Europe.

During its century-long journey, it also got associated with the titanic name of McDonald’s. This alliance happened under the watch of the famous Ray Kroc, who was leading McDonald’s at that time. This alliance made it a crucial part of the business history of the USA in the 20th century. The company at hand operates via its various subsidiaries. Due to this, the OSI Group does not come out on the front itself. It shows why it is not as popular as many other global food companies such as McDonald’s and others.

The prime goal of the OSI is to ensure that the company does not compromise on some specific aspects. For example, no compromise can be made on consistency, and so on. As it was associated with the names such as McDonald’s, it cannot afford to compromise on such aspects. Moreover, it is also an avid believer in the idea of innovation. It is an undeniable fact that innovation can significantly alter the business success of the company in any business market. This factor is because due to change, the company can substantially become more efficient and so on. This innovation can significantly make the progression of the company more laminar. The OSI Group is following the same strategy. The OSI Group is today one of the most innovative food companies in the whole world.

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