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OSI Group and Impossible Foods Strike a Deal to Collaborate and Offer the Impossible Burger at McDonalds

by Chris Holden - August 30th, 2019.
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One plant-based burger that is presently rocking the meatless industry is the Impossible Burger. This meatless option is truly one-of-a-kind as it is the Only veggie burger that boasts the same texture and taste of a juicy hamburger that has been expertly cooked on a grill. The Impossible Burger is so delicious that even meat eaters have fallen in love with it which is not the norm when it comes to plant-based products. Sales of the Impossible Burger have skyrocketed so much that supply, and demand have become unbalanced. Even shortages of the revolutionary burger have been reported. Impossible Foods, knowing something must be done quickly have struck a deal with OSI Foods in order to increase production.

OSI Group and Impossible Foods Strike a Deal to Increase Production

Impossible Foods know that they have a significant problem on their hands as consumers are disappointed in the fact there has been a major shortage of the Impossible Burger. Because Impossible Foods wants to ensure complete customer satisfaction, they look into partnering with a quality company in order to make up for the shortage that has occurred and do their due diligence to keep the supply stable, so impossible burgers never run out again.

After conducting a search for which company will help with meeting business goals, Impossible Foods decides to partner with OSI Group. Both companies strike up a deal to collaborate. As a result of this collaboration, production of the Impossible Burger more than doubles, and this burger will be sold in more locations. One major development that results from this partnership is that the Impossible Burger will be offered at McDonalds in about one month’s time. In addition to the Impossible burger being offered at McDonalds, there will be offerings in restaurants as well as in grocery stores.Impossible Foods Partners with McDonald’s Meat Supplier to Increase Output of Plant-Based Burgers


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