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OSI Industries Has Recently Committed Big Efforts Toward Continued Expansion:

by Chris Holden - April 23rd, 2018.
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OSI Industries is one of the worlds leading food suppliers to the fast-food, foodservice and retail industries. The company services such household names as McDonald’s, KFC and Papa John’s. The company operates globally in 17 different countries including numerous operations in Europe. OSI Industries recently announced an exciting move in their European market with the acquisition of British based speciality foods wholesaler Flagship Europe. Flagship’s addition to the OSI label adds a huge amount of value to the company’s already robust portfolio of products and further deepens OSI’s roots in the U.K. market. As part of the absorption of Flagship Europe into the OSI Industries family, the company will receive a rebranding under the name Creative Foods Europe.

OSI Industries recently celebrated some other big news in their U.K. market. 2014 saw the company partner with the British beef producer Pickstock. This move provides OSI Industries with a valuable partner that is deeply entrenched in the British market. 2016 saw OSI honored in the U.K. with the British Safety Council’s prestigious Globe of Honour Award in recognition of OSI Industries making a commitment to running environmentally sustainable facilities. OSI Industries qualified for nomination by attaining the lofty 5-Star rating of the British Safety Council.

In continental European news, OSI Industries recently made big acquisitions as well as making some huge upgrades to an existing facility. The addition of Dutch food wholesaler Baho Food greatly adds to OSI Industries company footprint in European market. Baho has a wide distribution across the European continent and operates processing facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. OSI Industries also recently put a large investment into its Toledo, Spain facility in order to boost production capabilities in the area of processed chicken. Demand for chicken has been skyrocketing in the markets in Spain and Portugal that the Toledo plant services. The new production line has boosted production of processed chicken from 12,000 tons to a massive 24,000 tons per year.

OSI Industries also recently made a bid to increase meat production in its Chicago, Illinois market with the purchase of the food processing facility formerly owned by Tyson. The addition of a second facility in the Chicago area is being done with the intention of doubling production for this valuable market.

All of these recent moves are in accordance with OSI Industries company tradition of expansion of the brand. The payoff of all this hard work by OSI will be that the company’s customer base continues to see amazing service that only continues to get even better.

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