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Osteo Relief Institute – Easy Ways to Combat Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

by Chris Holden - September 6th, 2017.
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Is getting out of bed becomes a hassle? Do you hear cracking sounds on bending your knee? Then, it might be time to visit the Osteo Relief Institute. Osteoarthritis in the knee is a common source of pain and stiffness caused by the deterioration of fibrocartilage.


This debilitating disease can occur as early as age 20. More than 30 million US adults are affected by Osteoarthritis.


Taking certain precautions and measurements can help reduce its severity.


Overusing the Affected Area:


Since the cartilage functions to cushion the joints, preventing the bones from rubbing against each other, the best pain prevention is to simply avoid over-exerting yourself (Facebook). Avoid sports and repetitive activities that can cause mechanical injury like:

. Climbing Stairs

. Playing hockey

. Running on hard surfaces e.g. sand

. Squatting, tennis etc.



Osteo Relief Institute helps build strength around the knee joints. Following exercises can help combat knee pain:


. Calf stretches, quad sets and similar easy exercises before bed can relieve morning stiffness.

. Seated bicycling and aquatic exercises are helpful.


Weight Management:


Poorly managed weight is one of the key factors contributing to Osteoarthritis. Excessive fat puts immense stress on cartilage, damaging it at a quicker pace. Overeating worsens the symptoms of knee Osteoarthritis. Here are some weight management tips:


. A food diary helps keep track of those sneaky extra calories that add to the body weight.

. Eating slowly can prevent overeating.


It’s always better to consult a professional. Osteo Relief Institute located in New Jersey has a number of effective treatment programs and FDA approved a technology that can treat knee Osteoarthritis.


Osteo Relief Institute aims to provide non-surgical treatment through knee pain relief injections. These injections boost activity level and provide relief for up to 6 months.


They also provide guidance on what exercises help strengthen the knee joints. Quadriceps muscles facilitate straightening and bending of the knees.Building these muscles will prevent individuals from future injuries.


Osteo Relief Institute staff members firmly believe that all clients are family ( They are well-equipped and uniquely trained to assist patients with their needs. When it comes to health, we all want the best!


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