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Isabel dos Santos Enters Into New Deal With Efacec In Portugal

by Chris Holden - May 29th, 2019

When it comes to prominent businesswomen from Africa, Isabel dos Santos is one name that stands tall within the field. She is someone who has had a significant impact on the entire real estate industry and currently stands as one of the richest women in Africa. Ever since the beginning of her entrepreneurial ventures, she has always tried to focus on projects within her home country of Angola. However, she recently decided to venture out into newer territory and decided to expand her company to a new country. The country that she chooses was Portugal because of the immense amount of potential there and because of the positive prospects that this venture could have on the real estate market as well as her own company. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Even though Isabel dos Santos is incredibly well established within her field, finding a viable business partner and company to work with wasn’t the easiest task. She needed a company that would help her expand on her ventures and which would allow her to establish a prominent position in this industry. After spending a considerable amount of time trying to find the right company, she decided to settle in on Efacec, a prominent name in Portugal. However, gaining the trust of this company was the next hindrance in her plans. For this, she decided to make a bold move that is almost unheard of in this kind of industry. The option that she decided to go in for was to eliminate the exit clause from the agreement that she was drafting and presenting to the company.

An exit clause normally allows the parties to exit out of the partnership deal, provided that they fill certain formalities and conditions. It might be a long and non-beneficial process, but it is something that parties often do to safeguard their own interests. Isabel dos Santos, however, wanted to show the company that she was here to stay, and this was something that she would be interested in for the long run. This bold move helped her earn the trust of the board at Efacec who were now convinced that Isabel dos Santos was here to stay.

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Dick Devos – The Reformer

by Chris Holden - May 29th, 2019

Dick DeVos Is a Local Reformer

There are few business partners in America who’ve contributed more to government reform at all levels than Dick Devos and his wife Betsy. The two conservative scions of the Amway corporate fortune have been active in local, state, and federal policy reform since the 1990s. Their experience in politics began in 1991 when their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan considered publicly funding a sports arena project.


Dick DeVos had paid close attention to consequences in Detroit when both the Lions and the Pistons left the city for greener pastures. Detroit’s city budget was damaged badly by the expense of an empty sports stadium that it had helped fund. DeVos was determined not to let Grand Rapids put itself at the same risk by building a stadium it couldn’t afford if it sat unused.


Using his considerable business network, DeVos organized a lobbying effort to convince Grand Rapids city government to refuse funding the project. The group that formed as a result of those early reform efforts called itself Grand Action. It went on to successfully lobby for more prudent developments like the DeVos Place Convention Center and the Van Andel Arena.


Those successes taught the DeVos couple how to pressure and persuade the political system into adopting business-friendly and conservative reforms. They took that skill and applied it to education reform campaigns for public charter school and school choice. Betsy spearheaded many of these efforts, but Dick DeVos was also instrumental in setting up a non-traditional charter school at a local airport in Grand Rapids. He leveraged his airline industry ties to help create and support the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos also took his airport management and piloting expertise to the FAA when he was nominated to sit on the Management Advisory Council on September 28, 2017. The council meets quarterly to advise the FAA on matters of long-range infrastructure plans, airline regulations, and other policies that impact private businesses and travelers.


DeVos continues to be a political force in conservative politics as he and his wife sit in important policy-making positions at the FAA and the Department of Education. Their stars have been rising since they entered politics in the 1990s, and there’s no sign that their influence is waning.


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In-depth with Venture Capitalist Figure Ashley Lightspeed

by Chris Holden - May 28th, 2019

As one of the most affluent up and coming figures in the venture capital industry, Ashley Lightspeed has no doubt captured the attention of many in her field. Recently, Ashley stated that she would be joining the Lightspeed Venture Capital team very soon. The company will no doubt gain an incredible asset in Ashley Lightspeed as her many years of experience and education make her more than qualified to take the challenges that await her. We recently sat down with Ashley Lightspeed to go a little more in-depth about her life, and career as well as any advice she has for young up and coming entrepreneurs.

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What is one habit that has aided you as an entrepreneur?

Ashley states that one of her most noticeable habits is that she always stays in touch with people. Her natural curiosity of wanting to know how people are doing and what they are doing brings her a tremendous amount of benefits in her professional life as well as personal. She explains that having an extensive network allows her to have someone to go to whenever she faces a problem.

what has helped you bring ideas to life?

One of the things that aided Ashley in her journey was her upbringing. Ashley’s father was an architect and her grandmother a seamstress, therefore, Ashley was exposed to creativity very early on in her life. She recalls attending various creative camps and local Universities where the motto was always “Measure twice, cut once.”This motto is still very much a part of her life as she always makes sure to gather as much data on her businesses and services before introducing them to the public.

Can you tell us a little bit about your first business?

Ashley recalls her first business beginning while she was at Stanford. Due to her hectic class schedule, she no longer was able to work for Thumbtack. Therefore, she began taking side jobs in order to crave her appetite of working within the business field. What started as a few clients suddenly increased ten folds, so much so that it allowed her to make a living out of it. See Related Article:

Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: Making The World More Accessible

by Chris Holden - May 27th, 2019

The internet is the most controversial, life-altering savior of the modern world. Though it is often used to destroy lives and make fun of differences; it can also be used to unite people in ways like never before. One of the most exciting ways the internet has united people is through top online business.

It’s not as obvious as social media or chat rooms, but online businesses reach millions of people traditional brick-and-mortar stores never could. People learn more about other cultures through online shopping. Since young people are more interested in learning where their food and favorite products come from, it’s opened people’s eyes to new things.

One of the most successful e-commerce platforms is, founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu came up with the idea in 1998 when he opened Jingdong. Jingdong was a tiny shop in an industrial park in Beijing. He started out only selling magneto-optical products but still found success. By 2003, there were 12 Jingdong locations.

During his most successful year, 2003, a SARS outbreak set him back. SARS crippled much of China’s domestic economy. It made face-to-face contact dangerous, so people took to more home-bound lifestyles. Though times were dark for many companies, Richard Liu saw a light in the dark. He moved his business online and found new success.

Shopping online suited everyone’s new lifestyle, and was born. By 2010, was one of the largest online companies in China. Today, it is the largest e-commerce platform. Once online, Richard Liu wasted no time in expanding the store’s inventory, adding new products every week. Recently, JD announced its first major shipment of kiwifruits and small apples from New Zealand.

Considered one of the greatest internet entrepreneurs of today, Richard Liu did what no one else tried. He continues traveling the world, talking to new people and looking for new ventures and products that might benefit Not too long ago, he did an interview in Houston, TX and talked about the challenges he faced when he first started.

Visit More : Founder Richard Liu Discusses Latest Developments of Company

by Chris Holden - May 24th, 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur who currently manages his company He founded the company and currently serves as its chief executive officer. In a recent conference, Richard Liu sat down to talk about the latest developments of his company. When talking about his company, he provided a brief introduction about as well as how he started it. Later on during the conversation, Richard talked about how he is looking to improve the shipping and logistics of the company. This has been one of the highest priorities of in recent years. Richard is looking to expand shipping routes to international destinations in the near future.

When he first began his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked as a computing professional in the technology sector. Shortly after completing a degree in sociology as well as a business education, Richard began working as a computer programmer. He would spend a number of years writing and correcting code for multiple companies. With his experience as a computer programmer, he would then pursue other opportunities in the technology sector. Richard became the computing director at a leading company called Japan Life. After working in the technology sector for several years, Richard Liu Qiangdong started up a business. His first business was a retailer that sold magneto optics items to consumers.

During the initial year, this business was a success but would be forced to shut down due to a decline in customer traffic. This experience proved to be very valuable for Richard as he came to the conclusion that ecommerce was the key to having a successful business in the retail industry. Shortly after closing down his magneto optics retailer, Richard Liu Qiangdong started up his next company He looked to start a retail business that offered a wide range of products that include electronics, household items, and groceries. Over the last several years, he expanded the company and built it into the leading retailer in China. Today, his company is the largest and most successful retail company in the country. With innovation and ecommerce solutions, Richard was able to make JD his most successful business venture yet.

Achievements of Chris Burch as the CEO of Burch Creative

by Chris Holden - May 20th, 2019

Chris Burch has been an active entrepreneur and investor in different industries for over 40 years. He has also significantly contributed to the growth of various brands across the world. Chris has also held different leadership positions in multiple companies and contributed considerably to research and philanthropic initiatives.

As the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he is a curious person by nature and always studies the world around him noticing products and services that need improvement. His success is apparel since he decided to put his knowledge and resources to help upcoming entrepreneurs with great ideas to be successful in their businesses. Therefore, these are among the factors that eventually led to his success today, he matches ideas with funding and bringing extraordinary possibilities to the world.

Chris Burch brings ideas to live by engaging and putting people first in his decisions. One needs to have good people with a positive mind to execute their success. Ultimately, he believes that he has the potential required to succeed quickly. Risk taking is one of the strategies that has seen Chris Burch grow. To be in a groundbreaking competition in any business, plans are unavoidable; many risks have to be taken even though he experienced a share of failures. However, he has managed to fight them and be where he is today. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Chris Burch has gone through different challenges. However, he has managed to get through them by carefully allowing himself to move forward and keeping creating and investing.


Evolve Your Smooth: EOS Lip Balm Review

by Chris Holden - May 14th, 2019

Evolution Of Smooth is a global skin care and cosmetics company. Over the years, the company has become a consumer favorite. EOS carries products such as lotions, creams and lip balms. All of their products consist of an all natural base; which can either be extracts from fruit or other plants. The cosmetic products that Evolution Of Smooth carries also contains high amounts of vitamin E, essential for skin nourishment.

EOS has one of the highest-selling lip balms in the world. With many flavors to choose from, The company has done a tremendous job of catering to diversity. Strawberry Sorbet lip balm is one of the newer products and has been doing well. This flavor is made up of a vitamin E and Shea cream base. Another one of their new and exciting products is the Sheer Pink lip balm. As with all of their products, it is paraben free and does not include gluten. Applying the Sheer Pink lip balm will result in moisturized lips and a touch of glitter, for added shimmer.

The company’s website has these two high selling items, and an abundance of other products too.

Ara Chackerian: Philanthropist, Environmentalist and Health Entrepreneur

by Chris Holden - May 13th, 2019

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco based businessman, philanthropist, and investor. He went to Florida State University where he acquired his Bachelor’s degree in marketing. He then went on to co-found various companies that have grown to be leaders in their respective industries. Ara Chickering’s work has been mostly in the health sector and has made accomplishments in filling the gap between technology and health care. He also has a great passion for youth development and environmental issues.

Ara Chackerian’s latest venture is in the transcranial magnetic stimulation used in the psychiatric area. He and his business partner had been building networks for more than ten years, trying to develop diagnostic radiology for outpatients, before a long-time partner hinted that they should look more into the TMS device. After thorough research, they realized that this was a technological psychiatric care breakthrough for extensive depressive disorder patients. However, little was known about the device. A meeting with Dr. Richard Bermudas made the team realize why there was structural hindrance to access. Since 2008, Dr. Richard had been making use of the TMS device but came to learn that insurance cover policies were limited. There was also the challenge of getting skilled clinicians and retaining them.

Ara Chackerian saw this as an opportunity to make an impact on those suffering from depression that was medication resistant. He believed that with the team’s knowledge of developing outpatient facilities, this was an opportunity to build something beautiful. They intended to create a model that allowed both the patient and physician to attain their goals in a ‘patient-first’ method. The partnership has seen seven facilities built in two years, and efforts to provide psychiatric disorder patients with the best care treatment still are ongoing.

Ara Chackerian is also an environment conservationist, has used his platform to campaign against environmental damage. He says that the furniture industry has been a significant player in deforestation, arising from demand from households. He, however, advises that people should opt for eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, instead of wood, one could go for bamboo, and to save the greatly endangered teak, one can choose to for Jatoba. This would contribute to a more sustainable environment.


Article Title: Agera Energy Is Making Their Place In The Energy Market

by Chris Holden - May 11th, 2019

Agera Energy is one of the best companies for energy. Many people have quickly learned about them once they made their way into their area. One great thing about Agera Energy Company is they pass on savings to their customers. Agera Energy is a certified green company because of its use of LED Lighting and their Pure Wind Program. They also have a recycling program their offices use.

Agera Energy is not only for residential customers. Many business owners are signing with Agera Energy because they have reviewed how others have been able to save with the company. Even though Agera Energy has only been around for couple of years, they are still making a mark on the energy market. Now, they are interested in serving other areas. Agera Energy is always concerned about how to give their customers the very best in quality and service.

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Jojo Hedaya: Solving E-mail Clutter Through Unroll.Me

by Chris Holden - May 9th, 2019

Your number one essential tool to get access to majority of the internet’s contents and platforms is your electronic mail or your e-mail. Your e-mail is your number one tool for communication for any platform or for any one around the world. Which means, the traffic on your e-mail is dynamically busy, sending and receiving from multitudes of platforms. Your most important letters also come from your e-mails, which is why it is such a bother when your inbox is so disorganized and full of junk. But sometimes it is just too uncontrollable that we just get used to the mess and we just get used to sifting through our e-mails so that we can get to the important things.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way, our e-mails don’t have to be forever full of garbage e-mail. Two individuals who grew extremely tired of dealing with junk mail, unwanted subscriptions and spam mail in general and so they developed a software that can automatically organize your email for you. These individuals are Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. They punctuate that their software was born out of personal frustration and the struggles of dealing with unwanted and trash e-mail. They were struggling with people not getting the important e-mails they were sending, and they were also frustrated with not being able to read important mail that was sent to them – and by the time they figure out they have been sent important mail, it was already too late to reply.

Let me introduce you to Unroll.Me, the easiest application you can use to easily manage and organize your e-mail. Jojo Hedaya programmed Unroll.Me to scan through your inbox and identify all mail that reads like a subscription or raises red flags that can mean it is spam or trash mail. After which, the application goes through an algorithm that puts these all in a folder, called a “rollup” – and every day you are sent a rollup email containing all the compiled mail and it gives you options on what to do with these e-mails. Whether you choose to keep them, unsubscribe or ultimately delete them.