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Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group paves the way for Future Young Generations

by Chris Holden - July 25th, 2017

For over thirty years, Sheldon Lavin has been an active business facilitator at OSI Group. He presently serves as the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the company. Lavin is in charge of the management. He oversees the general operations by monitoring all production activities. He is also in charge of the board. Lavin was the director of Wildlife Foundation.


Lavin’s career in the meat industry dates back to over forty-three years. As an expert in business, he has seen the company grow into a successful venture through excellent leadership skills. He manages assets by making critical decisions. Prior to joining OSI Group, he worked at a bank as a financial consultant. That marked the beginning of his current success story as the chief executive officer of OSI Group.  Learn More.


Lavin joined OSI Group amidst an urgent call for assistance in financial management. After his election as the head cheerleader, he set a tremendous pace with a promising future. He has developed the business niche into an international venture. From supplying food to restaurants and hotels, OSI Group is recognized across different countries. In China alone, OSI Group is prominent for building the economy.


In 2016, Sheldon Lavin was awarded by the Vision World Academy. The token of appreciation was dubbed Global Visionary Award. It recognized the huge successful strides that the company has made since its establishment. From the impacts it has had on different economies including that of China to the scholarships it has provided for students, OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin has been a significant contributor to success to many people. Lavin made it possible for OSI Group to delve into international markets.


In the event of expanding its operation, OSI Group has received extensive environmental as well as sustainability awards through Lavin’s supervision. He hopes that prospective entrepreneurs, as well as corporate leaders, will carry the mantle of a healthy community throughout businesses. In an interview that questioned his list of achievements, Sheldon highlighted that he is hopeful about inspiring the future generation of leaders when it comes to dedicating themselves to developing their companies. Sheldon has created several commerce opportunities for workers. for more.

Grupo Televisa Voted Top Company Again with Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega as President

by Chris Holden - July 24th, 2017

     The president of Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, has helped the company to secure the top spot as one of the best companies in Mexico. They are a television and media company that does what they can to provide their consumers with all of the best information. They have come a long way in the time that they have been in business and this has helped them get all of the votes that they need to continue succeeding and being a premier company in Mexico. They have come a long way in the time that they started and they have gone through some major transformations thanks to people like Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega who have tried hard to make sure that the company is the best that it can be. All of this has allowed the company to grow and has given people a chance to try new things with the media opportunities that they have.

When Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega started with the company, they were struggling. One of the previous owners of the company caused problems for the people who were in different situations and that made it hard for them to be able to get what they were looking for. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega came in as the attorney for the company and was able to advise the CEO of what he should do to make the company the best that it could be. He was hired on because the CEO liked everything that he did. Now, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa.

Before Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega had the position with Grupo Televisa, he was working as an attorney. He tried hard to make sure that he was doing everything right and that led to him being asked to help with Grupo Televisa. He was a media attorney and had worked with other media companies in the past. Because of the options that he had and because of the way that he tried to make things work for the companies, he knew that there were many options that he had to make things better for the people who he worked with.


by Chris Holden - July 23rd, 2017

US Health Group has been operational for over fifty years. During this time, it has served more than fifteen million clients. The company is an insurance entity functioning through subsidiaries. The types of insurance products offered are accident, health, business, family, employees, disability and life insurances. They are available in Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life. These are the two subsidiaries of US Health group.


US Health Group has its main offices in Texas but several other offices in the nation. The firm has appointed agents to sell these products too. All entities affiliated with US Health Group have an obligation of offering exceptional services to their clients. Since all customers have different needs, each solution is tailor made for every client.


Attending to customers at an individual level has expressed commitment and a strong reputation for the company. Every client is satisfied by the attention and good care he or she receives. For example, the company has introduced affordable terms of payment. Annual insurance fees can be expensive, but clients of US Health Group enjoy favorable payment schedules.


The company is striving to develop new products that will continue to benefit clients. Insurance policies are long term arrangements. Therefore, the clients and company need to have a good relationship through this period. For this reason, US Health Group tirelessly enhances customer experience.


Clients have an option of choosing an individual or family plan. Family insurance policies are available as well as those covering one individual. This family cover protects any member from an unforeseen eventuality. For instance, if one or both guardians were in an accident, the other family members would not suffer financially.


It is also common for families to experience financial difficulties in paying tuition fees, mortgage, car expenses and child care. The family insurance cover will cater for these problems if they arise. In case parents lose their income unexpectedly, they do not need to worry. Compensation of this policy does not involve taxation.

Every day, more people are purchasing insurance policies at US Health Group. They are convenient and affordable for people of all income levels. Through its excellent performance, the company is sensitizing the essence of insurance covers in life.

Top 3 Purchased Eos Lip Balm Flavors

by Chris Holden - July 20th, 2017

EOS Lip balm is known for their line of lip products sold in a cute little pod, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the lip balm is all natural. The creators of EOS wanted to create a product that not only looked and tasted amazing but also had health benefits. They claim their product is guaranteed to result in silky smooth lips because of the ingredients in the lip balm. EOS lip balms are made with Shea butter, are hypoallergenic, and are rich in vitamin E, making it a healthier option for lip care than petroleum based products. Although they have a lot of different flavors and even some that are strictly seasonal, they have three flavors that seem to be the most popular and top flavors of the bunch. Read more related articles here on


1.Vanilla Mint. Vanilla mint EOS combine two very popular chap-stick flavors and puts them into one. The vanilla flavor gives you a sweet taste to savor and the mint makes your lips feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This flavor is in a striped white and blue capsule and is sold individually and in some variety packs, buy now at


2.Coconut Milk. Coconut milk EOS is a great flavor for those who like a very subtle tasting chap-stick. It is found in a pink and white striped capsule and is a great accessory to any purse or bag. The coconut flavor gives it a very tropical feel making it a very good lip balm for the summer. It can be found individually sold or mixed in a variety pack with the other striped capsule series, more helpful contents here.


 3.Pomegranate. Pomegranate EOS, which is recognized by its bright red capsule, was one of the first flavors of EOS ever created. This classic flavor is good for any season and is one of the flavors mixed in with most variety packs. If you can’t decide which flavor to try first, the originals are always a good start.


Buy EOS products here on


Lime Crime Should be A Crime

by Chris Holden - July 19th, 2017

As it turns out there is still wonderful brands out there. It is hard to know just what is in some products in the current day. With Lime Crime they inform you of all the ingredients up front. There is something comforting to the average woman when a brand offers that. Many of their products are beauty or hygiene in relation. They are equally beautiful as they are informative with their ingredients. The products are so colorful and useful beyond explanation. Go to to see all the beauty.

One of their most popular items is their makeup brushes. One does not need to sit and wonder why that is. The aquarium makeup brushes are nothing less than stunning. They show how beautiful you can truly be while making yourself even more beautiful. Friends will raise questions how and where you purchased these products. Tell them, Lime Crime is the best and they should be a crime. The brand does not hesitate to create these beautiful items.

Another one to check out is any of their eyeshadows. The colors are so bright and noticeable. If you have a big event coming up, thus would be perfect for you! Go to their website and check out a possible palette for you. Some of the palettes are so unique you will be amazed.

Lipsticks are a big seller on Lime Crime, as well. Beginning on their homepage you see them. There is something for everyone with their lip products. If you want matte, they have it! How about gloss? Yes, they have that too! What about dramatic glam options? They even have that, too!

Specifically, they offer a product called Diamond Crushers. These are bound to crush some hearts. They are so beautiful and noticeable. As a lip product, they stand out among the rest. By glance, they are extremely sparkly and attractive. Diamond Crushers are more than perfect for a night out! Try them the next time you need to spice up your lip for that special occasion. It will become your go-to for every night out. Once again check out this beautiful brand on their website.

What Reaching $1 Billion Meant To Adam Goldenberg And TechStyle

by Chris Holden - July 18th, 2017

Adam Goldenberg recently formed TechStyle Fashion Group along with co-CEO Don Ressler, the conglomeration of companies that include startup JustFab, Fabletics, FabShoes and FL2. TechStyle has been the new face of online fashion shopping that’s become a phenomena all over the world. Goldenberg started the company about 7 years ago and then just a couple years ago saw it become worth $1 billion. Reaching $1 billion wasn’t the apex moment for Goldenberg, and he was sure to mention the company was going to stay true to its original mission of customers first. But he did see it as a landmark to reward the employees he said worked hard thus far.


Adam Goldenberg’s path into the fashion world actually started back in the gaming world when he put his marketing skills to work and founded Gamer’s Alliance. He was only 15 at the time but was already making waves in the digital media world. It was Intermix Media who bought Goldenberg’s company and asked him to lead their marketing and ecommerce department. Intermix Media would later start MySpace while Goldenberg was still there. Goldenberg put in a lot of creative work for Intermix Media, and that work really took off when he met Don Ressler and became good friends with him. Goldenberg and Ressler were doing well with sales at a company they founded under Intermix Media, but much to their disappointment News Corporation bought out MySpace and rejected Goldenberg and Ressler’s company.


In 2005 Goldenberg and Ressler decided it was time to build their own digital media and marketing company and their target area was women’s health and beauty. Through Intelligent Beauty they began selling products for which they came up with trademark names and logos. In 2010 they decided to start the biggest business idea yet in fashion retail. It began with JustFab using cost effective ways to sell their products through social media marketing and word-of-mouth, the most effective of which came through supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons.


JustFab was starting to see sales come in at a good pace, but still not quickly enough to turn it into an international shipping and physical store company. So they took on venture capital funding that amounted to $285 million by 2014 when the company reached “unicorn” status. In 2016 Goldenberg and Ressler decided to form a parent company to JustFab named TechStyle Fashion Group because they saw how big data could be used to enhance the shopping experience.

Honey Birdette Heading For More Stores In More Countries

by Chris Holden - July 17th, 2017

Customers in the United Kingdom and Australia can already enjoy making purchases from Honey Birdette stores. They get to enjoy the excellent selection of lingerie that the company offers including thongs, bras, panties, and knickers. In the near future the company may also be opening some shops in the United States.

American customers can already make purchases from this store via their website, and they have done so in very big numbers. The sales numbers in the last year from the United States went up 374 percent! That spurred on the decision makers at Honey Birdette to look at what options they may have going forward for more US expansion.

The United Kingdom is already going to see a jump from 3 stores to as many as 40 by the end of 2018. That is projected goal at the moment and there are 10 that are already queued up and ready to launch as soon as possible.

What Honey Birdette does that is so different from everyone else is make something that could be used for just about any occasion. The lingerie from this company is top of the line and made with very unique materials. It is comfortable and great for gift giving as well.

Honey Birdette can trace its history back to 2006 when it launched in Australia. The population there took to these clothes and the company did not have much reason to bother expanding for a good deal of time. However, they now want to serve more customers no matter where they are in the world. In order to pull this off, they have opened up their operations to the United States and the United Kingdom. More options may become available in the future as well if these two go as well as they are hoping they will.

Find more Honey’s on Instagram.

EOS Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

by Chris Holden - July 12th, 2017

A great treat for your lips in the summer time is the delicious flavor of Evolution of Smooth’s Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm. The taste of summer fruit consists of peach, strawberry and blueberry. Summertime means spending the day outside in the sun where your lips can get dry and start to crack. A long lasting moisturizing lip balm like Evolution of Smooth’s Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm does the trick. Applying the lip balm is quick as the top easily twists off and the lip balm glides across your lips. Hurry, buy now!

Get more info here on

EOS lip balm’s Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is phthalate-free, paraben-free and petrolatum-free, all of which are preservatives commonly found in cosmetics such as lip balms. Instead, their lip balm contains jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E. These help keep your lips smooth and moist for long periods of time. Evolution of Smooth’s Summer Fruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm is also 95% organic and 100% natural, containing no gluten, making this product a perfect choice for those with celiac disease or those who have decided to go gluten free in their lives, refer to this site, Evolution of Smooth’s Smooth Sphere Lip Balms come in a variety of other flavors besides Summer Fruit.

Visit EOS’ page for more updates.



Bruce Bent II Allows People to Have a Better Financial Outlook

by Chris Holden - July 10th, 2017
The Double Rock Corporation is dedicated to making sure that people can get what they need from different situations. Bruce Bent II is a huge part of this and he has come a long way with the company. Because of the experience that he has working with different clients, he knows the right way to handle those clients and to make things easier for them. By the way that he does things, he is able to show people what they need and what they might be missing out on because of the experiences that he has created. Thanks to everything that Bruce Bent II has done for the company, they have seen many more clients and they have been able to keep growing with the options that they have that people are able to enjoy from the different perspectives that they have with their wealth.

By allowing people the chance to grow their finances, Bruce Bent II is doing what he can to make things better and to bring more attention to the options that people have with the Double Rock Corporation. He does what he can to help others and to make sure that people can enjoy different parts of their wealth. He also knows that doing all of this will allow him the chance to try new things and to do more with the experiences that he has. All of these have led to Bruce Bent II being successful and to making more money for all of his clients. This has also led to him providing people with innovative solutions.

Not only has Bruce Bent II been able to show people what they can get out of their finances if they are clients of the Double Rock Corporation but he has also been giving advice to people so that they can be as successful as possible. One thing that he always tells people no matter how he is working with them is that they should always trust their instincts. By not trusting his instincts in the beginning, Bruce Bent II made some very bad financial decisions that hurt him.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter.

How to Receive Kabbalah

by Chris Holden - July 10th, 2017

Kabbalah is a mystical representation of Judaism. The art of Kabballah is all about receiving. There is nothing more one can get out of this life. Life only makes sense if it is given through the art of Kabballah. It also about getting the gifts such as peace, spiritual growth, creativity and holiness.

Kabbalah teaches the connectivity between us and others. It teaches how the action of others can cause pain and distress to us. It also teaches the reality of our actions on other people‘s well-being. Being conscious of ourselves and our actions gives us confidence, strength, and happiness. Click Here for Kabbalah Centre News.

By studying Kabbalah we have a chance to rebuild ourselves and live a reformed life. It traverses and cuts deep to the darkest points of life. It lightens up these places and brings them back to life. That’s why students go to Kabbalah center.

About Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah Center was formed as a non-profit organization operating at an international level. The center has its main headquarters in the Los Angeles, California. However, it has branches in Europe. The center forms a platform through which people, both young and old, learn the art of receiving and practicing Kabbalah.

The center has strong team of Kabbalah experts who take the trainees through the fundamentals of Kabbalah. The center was developed by Philip Berg in 1965 as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The center’s approach to teaching Kabbalah features Hebrew and Jewish teachings. It also teaches some biblical verses such as the passage of the Red sea.

Kabbalah center is one of the largest centers that teach the art of Kabbalah. The center teaches more than 5,000 students from different parts of the world. The center also does remote teaching through CDs, DVDs, and downloads. It has activities throughout the year that help students to develop a personal relationship with the religion.

Kabbalah center also encourages those who want to volunteer in its programs. At the center, students have the opportunity to experience the benefits of life and sharing. It teaches them to be passionate about giving back to the society by living the teachings of Kabbalah. for more.