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Vincent Parascandola: A Prominent Insurance Expert and Proficient Public Speaker

by Chris Holden - April 2nd, 2017

Vincent Parascandola is a financial advisor from New York. He is also an executive at AXA Group, a French conglomerate that specializes in the provision of insurance covers. Parascandola is knowledgeable in issues, such as asset management, retirement planning, and financial services.

Parascandola has worked for various companies, and this has made him acquire great professional skills. Parascandola initiated his career in 1986 as a systems analyst at Irving Trust Company. His background in computer science enabled him to execute his duties in this company and excel in service provision. In the late 80’s, he joined Prudential Insurance as a sales agent and was named the Rookie of the Year. It was at this firm that he ventured into the insurance industry. In 1990, Parascandola became a financial professional at The MONY Group, one of the oldest mutual life insurance businesses in the United States. During his tenure in this company, his rose above ranks from a sales manager to the firm’s field vice president.

Parascandola’s role at AXA Group

Vincent Parascandola began working at AXA in 2005. He joined AXA Equitable as its executive vice president and handled all management matters of this American-based firm. Within a period of two years, Parascandola became the president of the Advantage Group, a division of AXA Equitable responsible for working with seasoned financial experts. In 2009, Parascandola was asked to head the Northern unit of the company and later made the president of the firm. As the boss of AXA Equitable, he is responsible for the development of about 240 professionals. Parascandola also conducts recruitment and training of new advisors. His jurisdiction includes Morristown, Woodbridge, and Manasquan. He is also in charge of retention, sales, retention, management development, and productivity.

Parascandola’s educational background and achievements

Parascandola is an alma mater of Pace University-Lubin School of Business. In 2014, he was the keynote speaker who gave a commencing speech to the university’s graduating class. Parascandola has also spoken on various platforms, including colleges and company meetings such as the LIMRA’s and GAMA’s national LAMP conferences. He is the recipient of numerous professional awards, including the Master Agency and the GAMA’s Career Development Awards.

Norman Pattiz and Edison Research Announce Results

by Chris Holden - April 1st, 2017

Since June 2016, Norman Pattiz has been Executive Chairman at PodcastOne. He’s was also named Chief Executive Officer that same year. He’s one of the most accomplished broadcasters in the country. He’s won numerous awards recognizing his professional and civic accomplishments. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

His success exceeds the normal degree of accomplishments for broadcasters. He’s spent a lot of his career with the U.S. government and various universities around the country. For six years, he served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in America. In 1974, he founded his own company, Westwood One Inc.

More recently, Pattiz has been working at PodcastOne. Along with Tom Webster, of Edison Reseach, he performed a study that conducted advertising tests with five major consumer brands. The study looked at how much impact brand advertising had when advertised on podcasts. The results were significantly positive.

The study was the first of its kind, showing data of pre- and post- campaigning. Initially, only 7 percent of listeners mentioned a specific brand. Post-campaign results showed that that number had jumped to over 60 percent. Even products that consumers probably didn’t already know about saw huge jumps in brand recognition.

Edison Research conducted three studies. The studies tested all sorts of brands in all sorts of categories and each had its own desired objective. Some brands were already popular and had new messages. Other brands were lesser-known and just wanted to increase brand recognition. No matter what the case, online surveys were conducted for each to the same extent.

Surveys were conducted before and after the podcast advertising campaigns ran. Each campaign lasted anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks and used the same methodology in each case. The overall result was that podcast campaigns showed an increase in consumer awareness.

As the world shifts it news gathering more to online sources, podcast campaigning is sure to increase. With number jumps of over 30 percent for nearly every category tested shows how much of an impact podcasts have on advertising. This could be the start of a new avenue for advertisers.

Norman Pattiz commented that the main focus was to obtain independently verified evidence that podcast formats can also provide enhanced brand recognition. Tom Webster added that the results are undeniable proof because of the “before and after” results.

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Susan McGalla Unveils Secrets to Success

by Chris Holden - April 1st, 2017

Susan McGalla is an interesting person that has managed to become a leader in the business world. I have seen some videos where she is speaking at conferences, and she is giving valuable information to many people that want to get into the marketing business.


Sometimes it is just easier to improve in the business industry when you have access to someone that is giving you pointers. I think that there are a ton of people that want to find the secrets to success, but the true success lies in the experience that is gained from various jobs.  Try clicking this.

The best thing about finding someone like Susan McGalla is that you get the chance to see behind the veil. People get the opportunity to hear her humble beginnings. Others that have wondered how it was possible to get to the position of CEO can see what Susan had to do to make it to this level. I love the fact that she is so transparent. Her life is an open book, and I appreciate those professionals that can share the secrets to their success. It is a good thing to see the work of Susan McGalla throughout the corporate world. It gives women motivation.  Check her on


I look forward to seeing all that Susan is able to do for the Pittsburgh Steelers with her brand awareness innovation tactics. She is a major force in the revamping of this fan gear for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I think she will totally change this franchise.   Check also

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Kim Dao Visits Kyoto In A Kimono

by Chris Holden - April 1st, 2017

Kim Dao is an extremely popular YouTuber who specializes in both beauty and travel. In many of Dao’s latest vlogs she has been taking viewers all around Japan. One of her most interesting recent vlogs is called “A day in Kyoto wearing Kimonos.”

This vlog starts out with Kim Dao explaining her itinerary for the day. After she’s done explaining, we see Dao in Osaka station awaiting a train for Kyoto. Just a few seconds later, we see Kim Dao and her friend Sofie exploring a bunch of kimonos in a Kyoto kimono rental store.

Kim Dao then videotapes herself and Sofie in colorful kimonos and obis. Both of these girls also got their hair done in traditional Japanese fashion. The two friends head on up to the famous Buddhist temple Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto to take pictures.

Along the way, Kim Dao shows just how much street food there is in Kyoto. She orders a steamed meat bun and a potato with butter.

When both Kim Dao and Sofie reach the top of the temple, they take in the stunning views and buy a few incense sticks. Sofie also orders a fortune paper (called O-mikuji). Unfortunately, Kim Dao informs her friend that the fortune paper she got was actually “bad luck.”

Kim Dao and Sofie then buy a few good luck charms and pray that they will manifest into their lives. The two then begin their trek down from the temple and go to a café to warm up with some tea and tasty creampuffs.

At the end of the video, Kim and Sofie return their kimonos. Finally, they all meet up with Mao from MaoMaoTV and eat at a fancy Japanese restaurant.

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Julie Zuckerberg Has A Flair For Recruitment

by Chris Holden - March 27th, 2017

As most companies are painfully aware of, getting the ideal person for the occupation is getting actually harder for affiliations nowadays, as workforce patterns and updates change at a faster pace than the rate at which most enlistment heads can stay aware of them. Gratefully, Julie Zuckerberg is from each point imaginable, a game changer with her exceptional bits of knowledge into the thought behind selection process of employees and in considering both the necessities of the customer and that of the potential employment searcher. This talented Lead Executive of Talent Acquisition working at Deutsche Bank, deals with a combination of customers and customer particular issues for the affiliation incorporating individuals responsible for Private Wealth Clients, Operations of Global Technology and Management of Assets. Zuckerberg worked as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson Staffing and Recruitment, a place where she sharpened her splendid workforce administration aptitudes before being taken into Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg selected caseworkers, legal consultants, bolster paralegals and staff for law work environments and corporate customers.


Utilizing her vast experience, Zuckerberg coordinated with Hudson on various high-need issues including the upkeep of a positive workplace, affiliation benefits and the possibility for advancement related openings. Following five productive years working at Hudson, she later joined Citi as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter in 2007. Her part here solidified the enrollment of Managing Directors and Directors for the Internet Office and in addition Consumer Marketing all inclusive. In the span working here, she changed the selection scene at Citi, guiding them on cases in pay, perceiving confirmation of limit, and the most recent enlistment systems, association related organizations which helped Citi get the required workforce personnel for some key parts reliably.


Julie Zuckerberg was happily contracted by Deutsche Bank in 2014 as Talent Acquisition Lead, Vice President, and Executive Recruiter, having come in with blazingly good credentials in her ability to scout and select. . Zuckerberg has worked with Managing Directors, Hiring Managers, and Business Leaders together to secure high-priority parts in Investor Relations, Global Technology Operations, Audit and Finance. She moreover helps Hiring Managers appreciate and understand the correct procedure for sourcing, masterminding techniques and business flexibility. What draws most associations and relationship to Julie is her ability to interface with and feel for the end-destinations and goals of the job-seeker and fit that into the necessities of the company, despite the fact that one would attribute it to her stellar enlistment qualifications.


Selection heads and spotters are trained by Julie to oversee Business Clients responsible for people of high-esteem and massive sums of riches held in a private manner, making her the ideal individual for anything job related with Deutsche Bank. Having originated from an extraordinary learning condition, Zuckerberg picked up from the best back in the New York Law School and New York Brooklyn College City University, which is the place she finished a course in Philosophy after which she finished her law degree. Being the balanced individual she is, Zuckerberg spends her free time frequently practicing photography and running. Human rights, innovation and science related issues, welfare of creatures and fundamental human rights are among her the interests closest to her.


The Lung Institute, The People You Trust

by Chris Holden - March 24th, 2017

The Lung Institute is a leading Treatment Center that specializes in stem cell therapy. They treat chronic bronchitis, emphysema, interstitial lung disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Commonly known as COPD. The lung Institute is available for treatment in Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stem cell therapy is when stem cells are used to treat or prevent diseases or conditions. The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells that are taken from the patients blood or bone marrow. Once the cells have been extracted, they are then separated and later returned to the patients body. Stem cell therapy normally takes about 3 to 4 hours total over a 2 day period. Patients will then be advised of an at-home care schedule and make follow up appointments with their doctors. This process is minimally invasive and it is said to be significantly less painful than many other procedures. The process is considered out patient and there is absolutely no risk of rejection because, the stem cells being used are from the patients body. Qualifications for this procedure depend on a few different things including the patients date of birth, the patients condition, how long they have had their condition and anything they have had done to treat it.

The Lung Institute provides several ways to see if someone is qualified for stem cell therapy. You can visit their website, Www.TheLungInstitute.Com, for a free online consultation. By calling the phone number, 800-729-3065, you can speak to a customer representative or you can attend one of the upcoming events that can also be found on their website. If you are accepted, they will send contact information of their previous patients for you to use at your discretion. Generally, insurance will not cover the cost for this procedure but, that will also be discussed with your representative.

The Lung Institute has had over 3,000 patients. 84.5% of those patients have seen improvement. They are also one of the few places that special in stem cell therapy due to extensive educational requirements. They recently celebrate discovered their 1,000th stem cell patient.

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McWilliams Cares

by Chris Holden - March 22nd, 2017

“You have cancer.” No one wants to hear those words, but Andrea McWilliams heard them just one week before finding out that she was pregnant with her third child. McWilliams began the fight of her life. Now, people refer to her as a survivor, and as such she uses her story to encourage other people facing cancer. Her story not only includes surviving cancer but is a success story from which movies are made.

As a native of Austin, Texas, Andrea McWilliams grew up a few blocks from the Capitol, living above the small restaurant where her father flipped hamburgers. By the age of 21, she was Chief of Staff and later worked for the public relations firm, Public Strategies, Inc., gaining knowledge and experience for her future in the local political arena.

She and her husband, Dean, combined their years of experience in public relations and founded McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, now the number one lobbying company in the area. As a Republican-Democratic, bipartisan couple, they work very hard to represent their clients on both sides of the aisle.

McWilliams has earned local recognition for her community service and philanthropy. She worked with the local chapters of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer increase public awareness and raise funds for cancer research and prevention. As a businesswoman, McWilliams received numerous awards for her achievements, including the “Austin Under 40” award, “Profiles in Power” award from the Austin Business Journal, and was a finalist in “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year.” She served on the Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration Committee, chaired the Ballet Fete, the University of Texas Blanton Museum of Arts Gala, and co-chaired the Marathon Kids gala.

Wife, mother, business owner, philanthropist, community leader all describe Andrea McWilliams. The bottom line is, however, McWilliams cares.

Samuel Stauch Advices People To Invest In The Real Estate Industry As Property Prices In Miami Start To Fall

by Chris Holden - March 17th, 2017

Despite the slowdown in Miami’s real estate, the city is expected to have more condominiums this year. It is estimated that developers plan to put up as many as 3,500 condominiums in Miami’s downtown. This will be the highest number of houses to be developed in the region within a year. However, in 2018 and 2019, the number of these buildings is expected to decrease. Industry experts estimate that 2,800 and 2000 condos shall be constructed respectively. Downtown Development Authority, a semi-autonomous agency, released this report.  Source:

The weak currencies in Latin America and Europe are expected to cause a slowdown in the development of condominium in Miami. The strength of the dollar has further worsened the situation. The combination of the two scenarios has made it expensive for foreign investors to invest in the real estate industry. This situation has resulted in lower demands for condos and other real estate properties.

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The high number of condos being developed in the city this year is already contributing to the fall in prices of existing condos. This is the first time that real estate prices have dropped in the area since the economic depression of 2008. According to experts, this fall has seen the resale values of condos going down by about 7 percent compared to 2015. It expected that the prices would fall even further. If one seeks to invest in the real estate industry, then this is the right time to enlist Samuel Strauch’s services.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a principal real estate agent with Metrik Real Estate. The former banker is respected in the industry. While buying or selling properties, many Miami’ residents and investors listen to his advice. Samuel Strauch is a graduate of Hofstra University, Harvard University, and Erasmus University.

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Samuel Strauch started his real estate career in his family’s real estate business. After acquiring the necessary experience in the field, he founded Metrik Real Estate. Through his transformative leadership and vast experience in the industry, he has succeeded in enhancing the growth and profitability margins of the corporation. Through the company, Samuel Stauch engages in the management, development, acquisition, equity sourcing, and brokerage. Metrik operates in South Florida and Latin America.

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Take These Things Next Time You’re On The Road

by Chris Holden - March 6th, 2017

When shopping for mens underwear companies there are so many brands that it can be overwhelming. How do you truly know which one is the best quality? Not everyone has the luxury of being able to purchase every brand of underwear and compare. To make life easier here is a list of some of the most reliable brands of underwear for 2017:




These Calvin Klein underpants are built with quality materials for maximum comfort throughout the day. Whether you are running around on a soccer field or sitting on a coach maximum comfort is achieved. They are lightweight and provide good support.




These underpants come with a super comfortable polyester blended material. There is anti-odor technology that helps keep them smelling clean through intense activity. Many reviewers rave about how long they stay intact.




These boxers help fight off odors in all weather conditions. They are so soft and lightweight that you hardly even realize that they are there.


Here are some of the best cameras to check out:


1) Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


This camera is built with 30 MP and a 3.2-inch touchscreen. It can shoot movies in 4K.


2) Nikon D810


This high quality camera comes equipped with 36.3MP and shoots movies in 1080p. It is recommended for professionals.


3) Canon EOS 5DS


This large camera comes equipped with 50MP and shoots movies in 1080P.

Thor Halvorssen on Evan Mawarire’s Release

by Chris Holden - March 4th, 2017

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. After his father was imprisoned by the Venezuelan government because he uncovered corruption there, his mother was shot during a protest over his father’s arrest. Therefore, it only seems natural for Thor to be an outspoken supporter of human rights around the globe.

One of the people that Thor is proud to support is pastor Evan Mawarire of Zimbabwe.

This pastor first rose to prominence in his country when he took to social media calling for changes in human rights under the rule of President Robert Mugabe. His #ThisFlag movement led to a work stoppage in the country.

Evan had left the country in July with his pregnant wife and two daughters. His youngest daughter was born in November. In early February, Evan returned to Zimbabwe where he was arrested. Many feel that the reason that Evan has become so outspoken is that he fears that his daughters will be unable to get a good education under the present system.

On February 8, 2017, a judge released him on a $300 bond saying he posed no risk of fleeing the country. Since he was released, Evan has become an outspoken critic of conditions within the prison. He says that it really upset him that his appearance in court had to be once delayed because there was no fuel to get the prison vehicle there. He describes the lack of privacy in using the commode as being a problem. Evan also says that the lack of hot water is a sanitation issue.

After being released, Evan says that the whole country is like being in prison. He says that people living in the country are not free as the government makes everyone answerable to it.

Thor is still hopeful that the pastor who may be toying with the idea of running for president will be able to speak at his Oslo Freedom Forum in May. This three-day event is attended by human rights advocates and journalists from around the world. Before his arrest, Evan was to be one of the keynote speakers at this conference. for more.