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The End of the War of Alastair Borthwick

by Chris Holden - August 8th, 2019

In 1929 and at the age of 16, Alastair Borthwick dropped out of High School and got a position with the Glasgow newspaper the Glasgow Weekly Herald. During his time writing for this paper, he had the opportunity to write about many subjects. One of these concerning chronicling the city’s growing hiking and mountain climbing movement among its working class. In the process, enjoying nature in all of its forms became a lifelong passion for him. Many of his newspaper articles on the subject would later be used as the basis of his most famous novel.

He left the paper and Glasgow in 1935 to take a writing position with the newspaper the Daily Mirror in London. It didn’t go very well and a year later he moved back to Glasgow where he got a job with BBC. In 1939 he published his classic mountaineering novel, “Always a Little Further.” In 1940 he joined Scotland as a soldier in World War II. He would spend the entirety of the war fighting in some of its fiercest battles. Just a few months after the end of the war, he published his classic war memoir “Sans Peur.” It was also in the same year that he and his wife Anne, who he had married in 1940 right before the war, moved to a small remote Scottish island named Jura.

They lived here for the next seven years. During this time he continued working for BBC and his son Patrick was born. In 1952 they finally started the process of moving back to the mainland. They first moved to the neighboring and more populous island of Islay where they lived until 1960. At that time they moved back to the mainland, settling in Ayrshire where they would spend the next 30 years. It was also during the ’60 that he became associated with the television industry, primarily as a scriptwriter.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Awards Scholarship To Prevent Texting & Driving

by Chris Holden - August 7th, 2019

People looking to hire a lawyer are going to go on the internet. The website a law firm has forms a person’s first impression and so that it is well-designed and informative is critical to the law firm’s success. It’s for this reason that Ohio’s Kisling, Nestico & Redick poured a lot of work into their website.

The Kisling, Nestico & Redick website was honored in 2019 with a Webby Award. This award, handed out annually, recognizes the best websites in the world. Rob Nestico, the managing partner, said that he was proud of his team for the work they had done on his personal injury law firm’s online site.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick was established in 2005 by three attorneys. They are dedicated to helping the victims of negligence. This full-service law firm has multiple locations in Ohio and so is within an easy drive of virtually everyone in the state. They are passionate about achieving favorable settlements and verdicts for their clients.

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A responsible member of the community, Kisling, Nestico & Redick supports many causes. One of these is reducing hunger. A group of lawyers, paralegals, and support staff showed this commitment when they joined the Polar Bear Jump that is annually at Portage Lake. This event is held in the winter so Portage Lake is exceedingly cold. They raised $30,000 which was donated to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.

They work to make the roads of Ohio safer. A recent initiative awarded a $5000 college scholarship to a high school student who came up with the best idea to convince other drivers not to text and drive. This is a major cause of car accidents in Ohio in which people die.

The winner of the award also needed to demonstrate good character, have a cumulative GPA of over 3.0, and either be a US citizen or have permanent residency. Kisling, Nestico & Redick awarded the scholarship to Elianna Norin who plans to use the scholarship at a local art college. She came up with an advertising campaign that compares driving while texting to driving while blindfolded.

How Max Salk Finds Peace In A Busy Life

by Chris Holden - August 7th, 2019

Max Salk is not only a financial analyst but a landscape photographer. Living in a busy area such as New York City, it may seem impossible to be able to find the perfect balance between business and personal life. However, this is not the case with Salk. He recently did an interview with Positive The Facts to describe how he keeps his sanity while living in one of the most intense cities in the world. 

The first way is to keep his life simple. Max Salk is not a person to chase after the latest and greatest technology if he can’t find a way that it will increase productivity in his life. In fact, he still rocks an ipod to this day.

Another way that Salk keeps his life as simple as possible is by preparation. He gives the example of waking up on a foggy morning in Netherlands. Instead of just walking out of the door to fight the fog, he decided to grab his camera and take some pictures of the harbor. Now, those pictures are featured on his photography website and they even helped launch his hobby into a second career. 

While it is good to be prepared, it is also imperative to be able to adjust when necessary. Salk says that it is necessary to be able to change and not try and plan every second of your day. Even if you do have a plan, it should always be able to be changed. As a photographer, Salk must be able to wait whenever the lighting is right outside to get the perfect picture. This could mean adjusting your day by a few hours to get it right.

Making every moment count is also important to Max Salk. Although he spends many hours analyzing data for his company, most of his colleagues only see what he suggests. Instead of letting that get to him, he decided to make his moment count by putting just as much effort in his presentations. The moral of the story is to make sure that people understand what you feel is passionate to you.

There are so many tips that Max Salk can give to show people how to find balance in life. While he does work hard, he works even harder to have the best personal life possible. With his tips and tricks, everyone can be able to do so too.

Learning a Thing or Two about the World of Writing and Broadcasting through Alastair Borthwick’s Experiences

by Chris Holden - August 6th, 2019

The Journalism world is an extensive area filled with numerous personalities. Every person is working hard to make a name for himself/herself and go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. Alastair Borthwick is one man who has been able to accomplish this and much more. Alastair Borthwick is a household name among people who enjoy reading and broadcasting. This is because Alastair was able to make a legacy in that particular field. He is widely remembered for his two books; Always a Little Further and Battalion (Originally known as Sans Peur).

A beautiful piece from the Guardian gives a clear insight into the life of Alastair Borthwick and his numerous abilities that made him fit anywhere in the world. The article on the Guardian website describes Alastair Borthwick as a passionate man who loved writing about rock climbing. It goes on to add that he did an exceptional job in capturing the grimness of war through Sans Peur.

Alastair Borthwick came across rock climbing while working at the Glasgow Weekly Herald. His work was mainly focused on the newspaper’s Open-air section. In the 1930s he embarked on a journey of writing a book that has forever been a classic since its publication in 1939. The book he wrote is known as “Always a Little Further.” The book is filled with memorable characters and economical yet clear descriptions. Alastair made sure to incorporate humour and tense action sequences in a bid to make the book interesting, captivating and one that would be suitable for all audiences. In short, Alastair Borthwick did an exceptional job in portraying rock climbing as a classic outdoor activity, one that could relieve the participants of any of the city’s stresses.

In as much as people talk about his significant contributions in the world of writing, it is impossible to scroll past his marvellous work in broadcasting. Alastair Borthwick was a fantastic broadcaster who once worked for Daily Mirror. He even ran a press Club at the Empire Exhibition; this was before he joined BBC. His skills in broadcasting, script writing and spoken word were seen in every show he did, and this made his fan base grow even more.

Unroll Me Wants To Organize Your Inbox

by Chris Holden - August 6th, 2019

The advances in technology have made our life easier in many ways. Communication is almost instant with the help of instant messaging and emails. Because of the same technology, businesses in various fields and industry use it as leverage in their advertising and marketing campaigns. This result in an ebb of unsolicited marketing materials and campaign materials in most inboxes.
Spam or unwanted emails are causing major headaches to many users especially those waiting for more important correspondence from clients or employers. These unsolicited messages crowd our inbox and prevent us from seeing more important correspondences. Worst, they require manual removal which takes so much time given their number.
The task is too tedious that we always end up getting too tired to remove these spam messages from our inbox. Most often, the battle to free up and de-clutter our inboxes is always won by spam mails. Fortunately, two tech entrepreneurs have given thought about the problem after being the victims themselves. Today, de-cluttering and organizing is a breeze with the help of the app called Unroll Me.

What Is Unroll Me?
The app called Unroll Me is a free app and web service software that you can use to ensure that your inbox is de-cluttered, organized, and allows you to see more important messages. When Unroll Me is already installed, you can utilize it as often as you want to scan your inbox for unsolicited, unwanted, and spam messages and other advertising and marketing campaigns. Interestingly, Unroll Me gives you the freedom to either keep the spam messages in your inbox, unsubscribe from it, or move it to a folder called Add to Rollup.
By choosing any of the options, Unroll Me will help you de-clutter your inbox. The option, Add to Rollup is one of the features of the app that allows you to keep spam messages into a folder named Roll up. When you do this, you can still view and open these messages in the future.

How Do I Use the App?
To use the Unroll Me app, simply visit the official website and sign up. You will be asked for an email address which will be the recipient of the services of the app. Take note that whatever email address you register, this is the same email address that the app will use to organize the inbox.
The app also comes with a reminder and if you have successfully registered, you can easily schedule when you want to run the app. Depending on the volume of the emails in your inbox, Unroll Me can help you de-clutter it in minutes or even in seconds.

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Aviation Leader Bhanu Choudrie Finds Innovation in Professional Efforts throughout the World

by Chris Holden - August 6th, 2019

The Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards has presented Bhanu Choudhrie with the 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year award. Mr. Choudhrie is a top-level entrepreneur in London with degrees from Harvard Business and from Boston University. He started his career at JP Morgan before founding C&C Alpha Group, a family-owned private equity business in London in 2001, which continues to be successful enterprise. Out of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie started the Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. (AAG), which is recognized as a world-class, industry-leading flight school with an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. From there, Choudhrie procured a small-scale Indian airline, Air Deccan, which Bhanu Choudhrie grew from a small, single-airplane company to a seven million passenger per year company with 200 daily flights.

Aside from some challenges presented by oil price fluctuation and the habit of overland train travel in India, Choudhrie considered a lack of qualified pilots to be the biggest block to growth in aviation. In collaboration with a Singapore Technology, Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. has been set to meet this shortage not only in India but in other parts of the world, including the Middle East and the Asian-Pacific area and has graduated 800 flight-ready pilots now employed with such airlines as VietJet Air, Philippine Airlines, Jet Airways and Air Arabia. 2019 will present a demand for 284,000 qualified pilots.

AAG’s Philippines-based training company now operates with several top-level simulation systems designed for such air vehicles as the Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and Cessna 172S G1000 and also offers air vehicle upset avoidance and recovery training. Bhanu Choudhrie has focused on other industries as well, especially hospitality and real estate. With the new hotel addition in Vietnam, the C&C Alpha Group subsidiary Shanti Hospitality Group Ltd now extends to 24 hotels and a collective 2,000 rooms. Bhanu Choudhrie adivises new entrepreneurs to understand money’s value and to work hard and to be surrounded by an environment of successful professionals and new ideas. Mr. Choudhrie also has a family tradition of working in charitable efforts with his mother’s Path to Success schools. He believes entrepreneurs have a lot of growth potential in the Asia-Pacific region, which he supports through C&C Alpha Group’s leadership and innovation.

An Insight Into The Active Ingredients Used By Genucel When Manufacturing Wellness Products

by Chris Holden - August 5th, 2019

When people purchase a product, they will have different expectations. Most individuals will also prefer to buy products from a company that has high levels of transparency. People are looking into the ingredients that have been used as well as that company that has manufactured the product and the forms of technology that have been used during the manufacturing process. In most cases, wellness products are scrutinized in such a manner. In this article, the main focus will be on Genucel. The firm is a subsidiary of Chamonix. Genucel has gained popularity for maintaining integrity and transparency when creating different wellness products.

Genucel produces anti-aging products, among other wellness products. The main advantage that Genucel has is that it meets the expectations of the millennials. They are also committed to using natural ingredients during the manufacturing process. Genucel is also transparent when dealing with its client base. Some of the ingredients used by Genucel include:

About The Jawline Treatment By Genucel

According to, when it comes to skincare, the jawline is quite significant. It usually changes with time, and it is also soft. The jawline can easily get damaged since it is delicate. Furthermore, it can be easily ignored when carrying out different face-centric routines, such as the application of moisturizers and sunscreen. Although the neglect is meant to be harmless, it will eventually add up. As for Genucel, they have focused on making sure that the jawline has maintained its youthfulness.

One of the essential ingredients during the formulation of jawline treatment is MDL Technology. The technology is derived from the meadowfoam seed. The flower mainly grows in areas such as California, and it is normally used since it has rejuvenation properties. When used in the jawline treatment since it helps to moisturize the skin that is present along the jawline. It also acts as an oxidant, and it helps to treat the areas where the skin has been neglected. Genucel also makes sure that they have manufactured products that are suitable for all the demographics despite the differences in the age bracket, among other things. They also make sure that clients can feel safe when using their products. Each of the products undergoes a testing process to make sure that they are effective. To see more about Genucel visit


Isabel dos Santos and Seizing the Day

by Chris Holden - August 3rd, 2019

Isabel dos Santos is no basic individual. She’s truthfully a successful person who has been making an international splash for a respected stretch of time. She’s been making a splash on the sizable continent of Africa. She’s been doing so in many different parts of Europe as well. Portugal and the United Kingdom are just a couple of notable examples. Isabel dos Santos isn’t someone who was simply thrown into her financial investment or telecommunications departments. She’s an assiduous individual who has been keeping close tabs on these varied fields for a lengthy duration. She’s been enchanted by these topics for longer than most others can truly grasp.

Isabel dos Santos isn’t by any means alone on this planet. She’s “surrounded” by her business career that’s fulfilling and that makes her look forward to showing up at work in the A.M. She even has a support system in the form of a lovely and well-rounded family. Sindika Dikilo is the name of the incredible man who has been right next to Isabel dos Santos every single step of the way. They’ve been “man and wife” since their idyllic 2002 wedding. They now do so much to give their kids upbringings that are safe and nurturing as can be.

This lady likes to show other people that things on this planet aren’t at all impossible. She wants to get other people to reach for the stars in life. She realizes that this is particularly precious for the women of the world. There are so many young ladies who feel as though life has them boxed in no matter what they try. Dos Santos knows that this isn’t reality at all. She approaches telecommunications with all sorts of aspirations in her heart and brain. She approaches all her working concepts with the same degree of intensity. Twitter is a social media platform that’s rather expansive in scope. People who want to get information about all sorts of widely known individuals frequently check out her Twitter account. People who want details about do Santos frequently do the same exact thing. Dos Santos does a lot to communicate on Twitter.

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Toyo Setal: Inspiring Economic Growth with Satisfactory Results

by Chris Holden - August 3rd, 2019

One of the stresses of a small or large business is maintaining the construction aspect of the internal workings or external buildings. Many may be highly skilled in their craft, but there’s no shame in hiring someone to lend a helping hand with something you may not be as skilled in. It’s important to find a company which has experience and a vast amount of knowledge to make your vision a reality. At Toyo Setal, they give you the freedom and flexibility to make whatever construction vision you have come into being. They let you dictate the pace and give counseling on various aspects of adding or subtracting to building a structure or helping with the other aspects of running a business that includes oil and gas, infrastructure and energy, chemistry, petrochemistry and many more much needed but inaccessible services.

They compensate for the lack of knowledge by utilizing highly trained and efficient professionals who know all there is to know about maintain the construction aspects of owning a business. Toyo Setal specializes in the implementation, construction, procurement, and commissioning of advanced services for any business worldwide. Within their ranks, they have effective management solutions which span the entire company. No employee is left unaccounted for and the entirety of their company is built on hard work and dedication to the customer. From basic projects to advanced project planning, they have you and your business covered.

Not only that, but they take a genuine interest in your business itself so that the best possible work can be done while you relax and watch your dream unfold. One of the important concepts at the AVEVA World Summit 2014 shared by Toyo Setal was the “Integrated Management and Information System” ideas. This showed the importance of increasing productivity and efficiency across the board. Everything they strive for is backed up by impressive results. These are driven by the advanced software they implement into everyday operations. Teamwork is the most important aspect of Toyo Setal as it takes everyone working as an integrated unit to ensure that the tasks are handled to satisfaction.

Tj Maloney invigorating and fresh ideas helps his company grow in this tech era

by Chris Holden - August 3rd, 2019

Tj Maloney great and well received CEO of Lincolnshire Management, Inc. which know a private value firm spend significant time in acquisitions of privately owned businesses; development value for open and privately owned businesses; corporate divestitures; the board buyouts; add-on acquisitions; recapitalizations; and mergers of little and center market private and firmly held open organizations. Tj Maloney with firm additionally reserves investors leaving or diminishing stakes in their business; organizations confronting troubles in rebuilding their obligation, where it takes value stake in return of obligation decrease; advance rebuilding; and proprietors wanting liquidity through change in the capital structure. Tj Maloney looks to put resources into all businesses with an attention on organizations occupied with the fundamental specialty assembling, dispersion, and administration divisions. Tj Maloney along the firm fundamentally puts resources into organizations situated in North America with an emphasis on the United States, Asia, and Europe. Tj Maloney with the firm normally contributes well above the millions through organizations with deals worth extravagant amount of dollars in high net equity, undertaking esteems between the numbers but up in the millions perhaps above three quarters of a millions, and a working income in the double digit millions of dollars. Tj Maloney with the company’s additional items to its current organizations normally have incomes between single digit and triple digit high up in the millions, and money streams between an ace and double deuce worth of million of dollars. It wants to hold speculations for three to five years. Tj Maloney and the firm likes to take a larger part or a minority stake and furthermore co-contributes. Lincolnshire Management, Inc. inaugurated, respected and is situated in a few remote office locations in well situated states and cities. Respected among the top companies and CEO;s making and wheeling deals, building relationships is a top priority with this prestigious company.

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