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Talkspace Offers New Choices for Mental Healthcare

by Chris Holden - April 16th, 2019

Mental health issues are one of the biggest health problems in the world. There are several reasons that people in America cannot access quality mental health treatment. For many, the cost is far too high, and for some, there is a problem with being able to see a therapist. There are some parts of the country that do not have mental health facilities. There is also still a stigma associated with asking for help, and so many people suffer without getting any relief for their symptoms.

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Talkspace has found a way to solve many of those problems. Talkspace is an app that can be used anywhere there is an internet connection. The service is completely encrypted, and so confidentiality is ensured. It is also far cheaper than traditional therapist appointments that can cost hundred of dollars for one session. For just $59 a week, clients can speak to a fully licensed therapist twice a day. Recently Claire Walkes-Thomas from tried out the service. While there are therapists trained in a variety of mental health issues including anxiety and depression, Claire Walkes-Thomas spoke to a therapist about relationship issues.

After an introductory online interview, Claire was matched with one of Talkspace’s hundreds of qualified therapists. She was told that she could talk to a therapist twice a day. Claire was able to use text, email, voicemails or messaging through the app to contact the therapist. If Claire needed to, she could also leave other messages that would be returned as soon as possible. The online therapy resulted in detailed and lengthy follow ups by the therapist. It was also possible for Claire to use the therapist with her partner.

Overall, Claire thought that the experience was very positive. While the online system does mean that some of the benefits of face-to-face therapy are lost, the positives far outweigh any slight negatives. The cost and ease of use make Talkspace unique in the field of mental healthcare, and the quality of care is equal to any traditional therapy. Patients who have for whatever reason been unable to find therapy that works for them now have a viable alternative to get the help that they need. Read:

As A True Leader, José Auriemo Neto Has Pushed JHSF Into More Profitable Markets In High-End Real Estate

by Chris Holden - April 16th, 2019

In Brazil, the real estate developer known currently as JHSF Participacoes has been around since 1972, and its focus these days is the development and managing of high-end properties. The developments that this organization has successfully built range from residential to commercial, and places like hotels, an airport and many malls can all be found in the spectacular JHSF portfolio. Although operations originate in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company is now active in Uruguay, Miami, New York and Paraguay.

There is much to behold regarding the properties that have been efficiently erected and managed by those at JHSF. For example, a shopping mall like Sao Paulo’s noteworthy Cidade Jardim is certainly worth checking, as well as the malls in other cities like Ponta Negra or Bela Vista. Additionally, Fasano Hotel is a beautiful development that many high-end visitors enthusiastically stay at. The market for shopping center development, though, is one that JHSF did not enter until surprisingly recently in the early 2000s.

Led by Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF was also able to construct its country’s first ever private airport. Chief Executive Officer Jose Auriemo Neto is giving his all with regards to the furthering of JHSF’s success, and his other role as chairman is one that he is very serious about. There is no doubt that Jose’s influence has been among the primary factors in the recent and rapid expansion in JHSF developments. It was his idea to enter these previously unconsidered markets, and he did his best to help establish JHSF in those areas. One signature accomplishment that he has been praised for is bold move to seek partnerships with reputable high-class retail brands. Securing deals with both Jimmy Choo and Hermes has certainly assisted in increasing JHSF’s retail revenue.

Becoming a successful executive is already difficult enough, but being one of hte most accomplished among one’s national peers is hard not to find impressive. Through all of his profitable real estate endeavors with JHSF Participacoes, Jose Auriemo Neto has already accomplished this, and he has shown skills in corporate leadership that are truly enviable.

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Jason Hope is Investing in the Technology of the Future

by Chris Holden - April 13th, 2019

The internet of things has been touted to be the best technology that the world has ever seen. It is a technology that will take up many roles that have been previously done by human beings. It is a revolutionary idea that will change the meaning of technology as many people have known it today. Through the internet of things, devices will now be able to collect information and share with other devices. For instance, it will be possible to know when a certain gadget has a problem since it will send data to a human user interface. When it comes to matters of technology, one of the people who has built a great reputation is Jason Hope.

The philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona is a tech enthusiast and follows keenly on what is happening in the technology arena with the sole purpose of informing others on what to expect in the future. He is one of the experts who predicted the coming of the internet of things. If you would like to get the most reliable information on the technological trends happening now and those that will happen in the future, you should consider following the commentary by Jason Hope. Jason Hope is so passionate about technology that he is able to spot developments before others. One of the industries that have recognized the benefits that the internet of things will bring is the airline industry.

Already, tens of airlines have dedicated billions into research in order to benefit from the most cutting edge technologies brought by the internet of things. Since this is an industry where safety is of utmost importance, airline companies interested in developing measures that will boost the safety of airplanes. Jason Hope is confident that the internet of things will continue to play a significant role in the development of business operations in the future. The way of doing business is likely to change as business people realize that it is easier to accomplish more profound goals by utilizing the possibilities of the internet of things. With machines performing jobs that are currently meant for human beings, it is obvious that the whole business sector will be highly affected.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Recommends Watermelon As Part Of A Healthy And Balanced Diet

by Chris Holden - April 12th, 2019

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum serves Bronxcare Health System as the Chairman of orthopedics. He specializes in surgery for joints including hip replacements, shoulders and knees. The focus of his practice is correcting bones, ligaments and muscles. He solves the issues of his patients including New York high school, college and professional sports players. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also experienced with reconstructing broken, splintered and cracked bones.

Watermelon is a delicious fruit in the summer and spring. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum recommends eating this healthy fruit for numerous reasons. There are only nine grams of sugar and the fruit contains both nutrients and vitamins. The color of watermelon comes from lycopene. According to Isabel Smith Nutrition, this makes watermelon a good part of a healthy diet.

Although oranges and strawberries are known for being rich in vitamin C, so is watermelon. Thirty percent of the vitamin C required by every individual daily is found in just one wedge of watermelon. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum also advises his patients to enjoy watermelon as an excellent workout snack due to the hydration benefits. Watermelon also contains potassium and a lot of fiber.

A lot of people consider carbohydrates negative. According to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, carbohydrates are good for the body. They are necessary to replace the glycogen the body loses while working out. This is another reason watermelon is an excellent snack after a workout. Watermelon is important for the heart. According to studies, the build up of lycopene in the heart can be prevented by consuming watermelon. It also lowers the risk of heart disease by decreasing blood pressure.

Watermelon is important for hydration. Approximately twenty percent of the body’s water intake is derived from food. Watermelon is a healthy and delicious dessert. It contains less sugar than most fruit and is low in calories.

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Article Title: EOS and Red Team Up

by Chris Holden - April 7th, 2019

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RED is an organization that is dedicated to bringing about AIDs awareness and treatment. They are known for their raspberry red logo and recently have teamed up with EOS (evolution of smooth) lip balm to create a product that would help their organization. Up to $100,000 will be donated through the purchases of this newly designed spherical lip balm. EOS balms are known for their fun round shapes and smooth packaging. The balm inside is easy to apply and has a long lasting fruity taste. The raspberry pomegranate taste of the new RED balm will leave EOS fans wanting more. This is a limited edition product and the color of the sphere is strictly used for RED. EOS also has a product line that includes balms containing SPF 15 and 30 as well as a organic line. EOS recently incorporated balm sticks into their collection. The same flavors that grace the coveted spheres are available in the balms for users who just aren’t ready for the well-rounded fun that the EOS spheres provide. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are easily found at all big box stores and corner drug stores. Customers can also order online directly from the EOS website.

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Article Title: The Progress of Sussex Healthcare since Its Foundation

by Chris Holden - April 6th, 2019

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Sussex Healthcare is an independent company running 20 homes that provide support services to care for the elderly. The company offers services to seniors including people with learning difficulties, mentally frail people with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and people with neurological disabilities. It mainly operates on the Southern Coast of England. The company runs under a Combination of the skills and knowledge of the firms two joint chairmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Shiraz Boghani brings about the experience in the management of hotels while on the other hand, Shafik Sachedina offers a lesson on the field of dental surgery. The two chairmen’s efforts create athletic and award-winning adult care facilities that serve their clients satisfactorily. Visit

The CEO of Sussex Healthcare, Amanda Morgan-Taylor also brings out her great leadership qualities from Cambria Limited, The Embrace Group, and Craegmoor Healthcare. She understands the relationship between caregivers and patients from her experience in management and as a person who handled patients directly. Sussex Healthcare’s staff are well trained and are passionate about their work as professional caregivers. To make sure that training continues in the company, the firm established its Training Academy in Warnham, West Sussex. The academy offers training in fields such as nursing apprenticeships and management courses. As for employee’s motivation, the company provides a considerable amount of salary, pensions programmes, staff uniforms, free bus services, low-cost accommodation, vacations, meals, and other opportunities.

The company deals with care services such as Palliative care for chronically ill people, dementia care, respite care, specialist adult care for adults with learning issues, neurological care for individuals with brain issues and the PMLD Care for people with learning difficulties. The facilities at Sussex Healthcare are not an issue to be left behind; it is the largest care provider with over 580 existing properties under its ownership. The facilities provide a traditional, comfortable environment with modern technological tools to provide nursing care to their patients. Residential facilities owned by Sussex Healthcare include Clemsfold House, Forest Lodge, Kingsmead Care Centre, Rapkyns Care Home, Upper Mead, Longfield Manor, and Horncastle House. In addition to these services, the company also provides clinical and cosmetic dental practices to people of all ages. Continue reading surreyandsussex.nhs

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Bhanu Choudhrie Talks About His Firms Plans Of Expansions

by Chris Holden - April 6th, 2019

In a recent interview, Bhanu Choudhrie talked about Middle East expansion plans, in areas such as aviation, water supply, and tourism projects. The businessman did note however that he is aware of how unpredictable the world is at the moment, meaning that his firm is currently focusing on markets that they know, as opposed to venturing out into aggressive markets. He pointed out that new investors should be cautious and careful in this environment, taking their time and evaluating their options over and over, because while the opportunities are unlimited the capital isn’t.

When it comes to aviation, C&C Alpha Group has had interests for decades in the UAE, with the firm’s aviation school based in Sharjah training pilots for short haul airlines as well as supplies Air Arabia. The businessman noted that the industry is growing and that airlines are currently starting up across the Far East and Asia. He also pointed out that he has a close eye when it comes to targeting markets from South-East Asia, such as Cambodia and Vietnam, but also the United States. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on Twitter.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s firm Alpha Utilities is the owner of Seawater Reserve Osmosis Desalination, with the director pointing out that they saw a huge opportunity in the water desalination market. Moreover, given that UAE’s infrastructure has been growing, the projects are in need of huge amounts of water. Last but not least, Choudhrie is also seeing an opportunity in Saudi Arabia when it comes to hospitality projects, noting that he feels there is a market in Saudi Arabia for holistic wellness hotels, this being a good the right way for them to enter the market.

About Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in New Delhi, India, Choudhrie went to the United States after finishing his studies in order to study at the University of Boston. He worked as an intern at JP Morgan after he graduated his studies in international business and marketing, and then went to London to work at C&C Alpha Group, which is a private investment strategy company founded by him. Besides the role of Executive Director which he has been holding since 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie is also on the board of director at Atlantic Coast Bank and Citizens Bank. On the philanthropic side of things, he is the director of the Path to Success, a charitable organization founded by his mother.

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Lincolnshire Management and HPP affiliation

by Chris Holden - April 5th, 2019

 The Lincolnshire management company is a private equity firm founded in 1986 and based in Chicago, Illinois. This business has the drive to focus its control on investments in middle market companies. With a headquarters in New York, Lincolnshire Management invests in private companies, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures and more, while managing 1.7 billion of private equity capital. Like various companies, especially investment businesses, Lincolnshire management has put a lot of time and effort in support of other firms through assets. In the last thirty years, they’ve managed to use more than eighty acquisitions for other well-known firms.

Recently, another company in affiliation with Lincolnshire named Holley Performance Products presented an opportunity for growth investments. Holley, for short, is a company said to be the largest designer, manufacturer, and marketer of branded products in the automotive industry. As a staple in communities, they are well-known and spoken highly of with a service for more than one-hundred years and exceptional product quality.

Founded in 1983, eighty years prior to Lincolnshire Management, Holley Performance Products has led numerous brands known as ACCEL, Edge, Superchips, Weiand, Racepak, and more. Most of which deal with technology and computing programs.

As a result of their skills, both firms expressed how outstanding their performance is and the attention to detail to ensure their success.

The Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, T.J Maloney, described how Holley Performance Products displayed proficiency of management in their work. Tom Tomlinson, the President, and CEO of Holley was noted to say Lincolnshire was able to identify attributes of Holley and its complexity.

The two studious and diligent firms have been in partnership since 2013 and executed outstanding acquisition strategies. Holley has since been informed by other suggested firms for financial advice from companies such as Lazard Middle Market and UBS Investment Bank, as well as few others.

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Nitin Khanna in Business Technology

by Chris Holden - April 5th, 2019

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial engineering from Purdue University. His hobbies include being a DJ, where he is a self-taught DJ owning a club in Portland. Speaking on his venture to entrepreneurship, Khanna says that his family that motivated him when he was still young, since he saw many business transactions done in his household, including family trips with his relatives, cement, studio, and motorcycle plans being laid and executed. After completing his studies with a Ph.D. in robotics, Nitin Khanna decided to jump out of academics and start to work for a living. He then decided to start a business with his brother who joined him in the US in 1999. They founded a company in software by the name Saber software which then grew in the subsequent 10 years and got recognized as the US election software.

Having worked with many various companies, Nitin Khanna has helped the companies strategize in setting the companies’ vision, culture, mission, company strategy and how they each view people as a whole since he believes that the only differentiating factor between companies is how they view people. Having helped many companies set their strategies; Khanna says that it’s the willingness to have things done that helps him set these strategies successfully in different entities. He achieves this same idea by hiring a people with the same mind and who are highly talented in their work, hence creating a sure path to success. Like-minded workers help keep the company’s culture which is an exceedingly important factor towards success.

Concerning his future plans, Nitin Khanna has a plan for his native people, a plan of creating for them an Indian-based technology for managing businesses. He as a result invested in Mohali-Based startup Isos Inc. with $5 million. The software aims at facilitating entrepreneurship productivity with smart solutions like; inventory management, security management, real-time tracking and monitoring and cashless transactions among many others. The software has a wide scope in that it can be used from government buildings, offices to campuses.

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Sheldon Lavins Journey to Success with OSI Group

by Chris Holden - April 5th, 2019

Sheldon Lavin always envisioned himself in a business he owned growing up. That is part of the reason why enjoyed financial consulting so much. He pursued accounting and finance in school, a field which is in line with his passion.

During his first years at OSI Group which was called Otto & Sons, he arranged the financing for the Kolschowsky family’s company. He continued working at the company as it looked to go global and his endeavors at the Chicago-based company has resulted in him becoming an owner. From the onset, Mr. Lavin was dedicated to growing the OSI Group to become a world class processing enterprise.

Today, the company boasts more than 70 facilities in 17 countries worldwide. OSI primarily specializes in protein products although it still produces baked goods, vegetable items and some sauces. The success of the company came to be as a result of its unique culture and growth strategies. The entrepreneurial company developed a family culture. As much as there are strategies to be followed, levels of responsibility, as well as budgetary limits, OSI Group operates like a family. The culture was the best way for them to conduct business and apparently, it worked. To know more about him click here.

Sheldon Lavin has always had an innovative mindset even before joining OSI. However, it was developed even more at the company. The company appreciates and is proud of its loyal and talented people who has helped the company to scale new heights of success. Led by Mr. Lavin, the company listens to its people and it values their opinions. That is how it has managed to foster the family culture in the organization. They often organize lunches where they all seat together to eat addressing each other by their first names. The company takes interest in the welfare of its employees and their families.

Sheldon Lavin has been involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities among others. He and the company as a whole have been passionate about giving back to the communities in which they operate. They have a track record of fostering many charities. Going forward, Sheldon Lavin aims at maintaining profitable growth of the company while serving world class outcomes to the best of their capabilities. The company looks to be one of the global leaders in the food industry.