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3 Top Reasons Perry Mandera has Succeeded as an Entrepreneur

by Chris Holden - February 6th, 2018

If you look for the most successful entrepreneurs in Illinois, you will obviously not miss Perry Mandera. He is the owner of The Custom Companies Inc, one of the leading organizations in the transportation industry. The company began its operations in 1986 and from then it has grown to be one of the most popular businesses because of its exceptional services. With more than three hundred employees, the company has the trust and confidence of both small and large businesses owners in Illinois and other cities where it has agents and offices. So, what has made Perry Mandera succeed as an entrepreneur?

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One of the reasons Perry Mandera has succeeded is diversification on the area that his company offer the transport services. Since he founded the company, he has managed to open offices in several other cities in the United States. In addition, to the offices, there are also agents working for the company in different cities throughout the country.



Offering unique services under one roof
Perry Mandera had the vision of offering wide range of transport services under one roof and he has managed to do exactly that. The company has gained a good reputation for offering exceptional services to all the clients. He treats all clients whether small business or large businesses equal and this is what has kept the company on top in all the cities it operates.



Apply personalized approach
The company is also popular for applying a personalized approach in all its operations. Perry Mandera believes in offering affordable, reliable and highly innovative ideas for resolving issues. The company also offer 24/7 services meaning that clients are not limited on what they can get the transportation services. All the specific needs of the clients are handled in a respective manner and this is what has made the company has an edge over others.


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George Soros Billionaire Philanthropist With A Passion For Human Rights

by Chris Holden - February 3rd, 2018

As a hedge fund manager and Philanthropist, George Soros is a billionaire who has, over many years, donated 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations which he founded over 30 years ago. This organization promotes human rights and democracy in over 120 countries. The organization has invested in programs that protect the rights of people and help reduce police brutality within the United States. Due to a large number of gifts given by George Soros to the foundation, it is deemed the second largest philanthropic organization within the U.S. George Soros is said to be the richest hedge fund Philanthropy billionaire in the world. Mr. Soros fortune is ranked number 16 by Forbes with an estimated value of 24.5 billion dollars.

In 2014 there was an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. and Open Society Foundations gave funds to treatment centers to help fight the disease. The foundation is very sympathetic to the amount of hate crime incidents that happened after the 2016 election. Mr. Soros pledged 10 million dollars to help in preventing these kinds of crimes from happening. Mr. Soros is passionate about helping those at risk of being abused. He believes that something needs to be done to fight back evil forces.

Durning the 2012 election year, George Soros donated millions of dollars to the super PAC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Because of his huge donations to the various political arenas, Mr. Soros is considered to be the largest contributor to politically liberal causes and various champagnes. Open Society Foundations was funded through donations, donated each year, is over 800 million dollars and has increased as part of Mr. Soros’ estate planning, setting the organization endowment to approximately 18 billion dollars for the year 2018. Mr. Soros believes that the donation he will be contributing for the coming years will be 2 billion dollars or more.

George Soros’ foundation has had an enormous positive impact around the world for many years. Soros Fund Management manages Mr. Soros’ money and oversee the Open Society’s endowment investments. He is closely involved in the work of the foundation.

George Soros believes if the United States closes the borders to Muslims it may spark more terrorism. He believes ISIS has a short lifespan, due to the governments of Iraqi and Syria winning back from the terrorist, the territories that were captured. George Soros believes that because of ISIS and the Middle East collapsing, it has negatively affected Europe. He believes that because German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened up the country to refugees it has created a crisis. He believes that Germany and other European countries migrants can be grafted into the society.

George Soros himself was a refugee from Hungary after World War II. In his younger years, George was migrant. He received education in England. While living in New York City, he began his career in the 1950’s in investing at F.M. Meyer and Wertheim & Company. Because of his background as an immigrant, he is sympathetic to the plight of other immigrants.

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USHEALTH Group, Helping People Around The World

by Chris Holden - February 2nd, 2018

The life of Randy Hildebrandt really changed for the better once he had an intimate conversation with the president of US Health Advisors, which is Troy McQuagge. USHEALTH Advisors provides health care coverage policies to many families across the entire nation. The parent company of the USHEALTH Advisors is USHEALTH Group. Both companies have a great reputation for themselves and both companies have the same mission as far as giving back to others.

Troy started a mission named HOPE back in 2010, before he had even became the president of the company. HOPE stands for helping other people everyday. Together USHEALTH Group and USHealth Advisors have been working hard to not only provide awesome health care plans to the world, but they have also been doing good deeds all around the world. The companies have donated to Hurricane’s Katrina’s aftermath and the company has has helped many other organizations to help them do amazing deeds as well.

Before Randy joined USHEALTH Group, he had experienced so many moments in his life that left him discouraged, but he did not stop. Instead of giving up, he looked at himself as his own miracle and persevered through all of the hardships. When Randy was younger, he had always thought that he was going to make it to the professional baseball league. After a while of playing baseball, Randy unfortunately hurt himself. See more updates on Twitter

Randy had hurt himself with a shoulder injury. Afterwards, Randy was no longer able to play base baseball so he then began to seek other ways to earn income. At the time, he did not know his purpose in life, he just knew that he wanted to earn tons of money. After graduating from college, Randy had gotten hired at an insurance company that from hours away from his home. Randy liked being in the insurance field, but he did not care for the ethics and the distance of the company that he was first hired at. Eventually, Randy had a detailed conversation with Troy, and he loved the ethics of the company. Randy has been happy since joining the company! Learn more:


Symposia to be Attended by Dr Rod Rohrich

by Chris Holden - February 1st, 2018

Professor of Plastic Surgery at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and plastic surgeon based out of Dallas, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is said to be one of America’s best plastic surgeons. Dr. Rohrich will be participating in three conferences in just the early part of 2018.

From February 8 – 10, the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium will be taking place in Miami, Florida. It will be the fifty second time the symposium has taken place and is the largest live surgery symposium located in the United States. Dr. Rohrich will be participating in several panels including What Works – Facial Rejuvenation and Elegant Outcomes in Body Contour Surgery.

Taking place between February 28 – March 1, Dr. Rod Rohrich will be taking place in the Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, of which he helped organize. The Cosmetic Medicine Meeting will feature innovations in noninvasive fat removal, dermal fillers, ethical social marketing and patient safety.

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, also organized by Rohrich, will take place March 2 – 3. This meeting topics will be over everything from the most common procedural problems to the newest innovations in rhinoplasty.

Dr. Rod Rohrich earned his undergraduate degree at North Dakota State University, his postgraduate degree at the University of North Dakota. Rohrich received his medical degree with high honors from Baylor University of North Dakota. His residencies for plastic and general surgery were finished at the University of Michigan Medical Center. Additional training was received at Oxford University in pediatric plastic surgery. At Harvard Medical School, the completed a microvascular and hand fellowship through Massachusetts General Hospital.

Rohrich is president at the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery. He was also president for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons throughout his career.

He has chaired more than one hundred plastic surgery symposia, both nationally and internationally. He is an editor for Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery and is the Editor-in Chief for the publication Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He was given the title of Notable North Dakotan in 1998.

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USHEALTH Advisors – Health Coverage Products With an Advantage

by Chris Holden - January 30th, 2018

As a policyholder of the USHEALTH Group, you’re revealed the most affordable and reliable health care coverage in the industry. Your many experiences with the health care coverage provider is your valued appreciation of 50 collective years in the industry. Your policy is in the reliable hands of a valued company that has served over 15 million customers and counting. When your most wonderful experience of your day is that of an interaction with a USHEALTH Advisor agent, know that your life is subject to a change of an extremely fortunate opportunity, not only for you, but for your employees and your family as well.

Disease/Sickness, Life and supplemental products are the foundational product offerings available from USHEALTH Advisor agents who are steadily available to meet for an explanation. Every agent is fully licensed, completely trained and knowledgeable, representing health coverage for the many citizens of the U.S.

With the continuous pursuits driven by USHEALTH Advisor agents, more and more of the U.S is aware of the opportunities provided for affordable and diverse health care insurance for the U.S. With spreading the word, witnessing and experiencing its magnificent promises, more policyholders are added and more US citizens are satisfied, experiencing the most diverse selections of coverage in the market for its industry. Learn more about  USHealth Advisor  at Crunchbase.

One of the most advantaged features of the USHEALTH Group is its diversity. Agents who represent the diverse USHEALTH coverage selections are well versed to handle varied specific needs of many consumers. The multiple choices available, can accommodate the many unique situations of individuals, their family and businesses that gives the recipients exactly what they need for sufficiency. When it comes to sickness, diseases and accident coverage, your curiosity is covered. Reach out to an agent today.

USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors adequately provides, being your greatest benefit of health care insurance in the U.S. Visit the office of an agent today or call headquarters and get a clear understanding of what the company does and how it can best serve your unique requirement of health insurance from USHEALTH Advisor agents. Check more:


OneLogin Improves Lives And Quality of Security Management

by Chris Holden - January 30th, 2018

There are a lot of ways that OneLogin has implemented successful results throughout management infrastructure and systems. They have cultivated a lasting sense of exploration as well as a firm commitment to technology. Advanced practices have influenced the way that OneLogin develops in addition to the kinds of services that they provide.

Not only does OneLogin develop high quality results for the businesses that it serves, but it can improve on already existing and functioning frameworks. There are a lot of reasons that businesses may consider higher levels of security. These reasons often are related to the incumbent challenges of effective management software and infrastructure. These broad scale needs of ten require the input and interaction of multiple personnel. This brings in a new dimension of creating sustainable technology that can scale with businesses as needed.

OneLogin addresses many of these concerns with their simple and easy to use software packages. Management personnel can benefit from effective portals and login pages that keep user data centralized. These systems also provide careful insight into the process behind security changes and upgrades. Not only is it possible for OneLogin to create lasting results and benefit from ongoing support, but it can facilitate some of the most well developed outcomes.

The convenience of better productivity, lower needs for customer support, as well as low cost and maintenance systems are some of the greatest advantages of OneLogin. Not only are there a lot of novelties when it comes to working with OneLogin, but this system has been designed to work with infrastructure that may already exist.

Many businesses have to address challenges to sales as well as financials based on existing technology and pre-existing infrastructure. Due to the complex way that businesses and services change, it is not easy for security as well as efficiency to be upheld by individual corporations. Sometimes it takes a lot of maintenance to keep up basic functions, which can detract from overall productivity and beneficial strategies throughout the management. OneLogin improves the outcomes for users who are interested in security while enhancing the possible options that are associated with management infrastructure and design.

Different Issues Around Relationships And How To Make The Most Of Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Apps

by Chris Holden - January 26th, 2018

People who are experienced with relationships know that there are tons of things that can destroy a relationship. Some of these issues are looked at as signs of a strong relationship. The only thing is that it can be detrimental if one of the parties involved are not on the same page as the other. Among these factors are habits, and other ways of undermining relationships. Each of the relationship destroyers have different roots that can be explored. Among the common relationship destroyers is being clingy. One of the issues with this is that one person is often a lot more committed than the other person and is often smothering that person.

One of the issues with clinginess is that it comes from an area of insecurity and lack of confidence. Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken the time to empower women so that they can be confident with Bumble and related apps. The only thing is that women are not as clingy as they have the reputation of being. Another issue is that men can be surprisingly clingy. Some men go from thirsty to wanting to be attached to the hip. This can cause women to have second thoughts about the relationship.

Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe is willing and able to help people find ways to deal with clinginess. It can be dealing with clingy behavior in themselves or in others. One of the ways that she is willing to help women deal with clingy men is by setting up an app where women can make friends. This is so that they can have the needed support in the case things get to be overwhelming for the woman.

Given that this is a world of insecurities and sensitivity, it is very common for people to run across someone who is very clingy. Sometimes it can be very disruptive. Whitney Wolfe Herd can refer people to the support they need from dealing with unwanted circumstances so that they can feel a little more confident in stepping forward and asserting themselves for their own independence. This is the year for women to become completely independent.

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George Soros Gives Big Donation To Important Cause

by Chris Holden - January 25th, 2018

George Soros is one of the most prolific philanthropists of the day. He is focused on trying to push for a more global world where people are better connected and better able to define their roles in life. He’s seen some negative trends in recent times and he wants to do what he can to help counter them. The Open Society Foundation is the perfect way for him to enact this agenda given its focus on helping protect and produce more open societies. The political climate isn’t favorable to these ideas right now, but Soros is determined to see that change.

The Open Society Foundation was created by George Soros as a way of fighting for democracy and free markets worldwide. They understand that people can’t thrive when they aren’t allowed to define how their lives are going to go. The best way to run a society is to let people decide how things will go. When this happens they are able to use their talents the way they should be and they can keep the fruits of their labor for themselves. However, there are many out there who seem to oppose what he represents and what he wants to bring.

The right has characterized Soros as some sort of political vampire trying to steer the world towards communism. Nobody who has a strong understanding of what George Soros wants could come to this conclusion. He is in fact one of the most prolific capitalists out there and he has a reputation that speaks for itself. There are far too many people who have benefited from his efforts to help eastern Europe and other parts of world liberate themselves to even consider this. Nonetheless, politics in America and conservative news have decided he is the villain that they need to attack.

The $18 billion he just gave to the Open Society Foundation is going to go towards making the world a more open place in general. It has helped support globalization worldwide and other attempts to connect people better. This has created benefits that just about anybody can enjoy if they want to. We can see that the poor of the developing world and the rich are getting these benefits alike. The Open Society Foundation is doing the job it is supposed to be doing. Soros wants to make sure that doesn’t change and we continue to march towards more globalization.

The next move for George Soros is going to be an effort to make a recovery for the left. The last two years have turned out to be horrible for the left thanks to Trump and others like him. The only way to make sure things go back to the way they need to be is to give progressive causes the attention they need. Soros is one of biggest donors out there for a reason. His billion dollar fortune has helped him make something others can’t even begin to touch. It’s just a matter of seeing it happen.

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Market America, A Great Time To Celebrate

by Chris Holden - January 25th, 2018

If you’re looking for a great place to shop online, might seem like a logical choice. It’s a smart choice too, as the company of Market America, the owners of also have a great way to save you money, and possibly even earn money. The company offers all different types of products across many different online channels. Many of these products are exclusive to, however, other retailers and even banking services are available on the site. Market America has been around since 1992 and has many satisfied customers.

Earning money with Market America is great too! The company specializes in one-to-one marketing, which uses a unique business model. The “UnFranchise” model, as they call it, allows individuals to make money simply by spreading the word. The company has many different forms of support and marketing materials to support its representatives. The business opportunity is appealing because, it gives people the chance to own a profitable business, without a huge amount of risk, or a huge investment. and Market America also give cash back on many purchases. Some of this cash back can add up to significant amounts, upwards of up to 50 percent. What a great way to save, and make some cash. Getting started is easy, all you have to do is visit the Market America website for details. The website walks you through how everything works, and exactly how you’ll earn.

Market America also has celebrated 25 years in business recently. This was recognized by several celebrities, who performed at their celebration ceremony. The Better Business Bureau also gave the company an “A+” rating, which is quite an achievement for an organization with about 25,000 representatives. The “Torch Award,” an award for best in ethics, was also presented to by the BBB.

It’s a great time to get started with something so new and exciting. The celebration has only begun. Be sure to check out the website, or so you can see all the great offerings for yourself. You’ll soon be happy to join such a great team and on your way to great rewards.

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How Securus Technology and Other Shareholders are dealing with Contraband Cellphones in Prisons

by Chris Holden - January 17th, 2018

For the past seven years, Robert Johnson has been on a mission that he openly shares with anyone who is willing to care. He says that ensuring that prisoners and inmates don’t access cellphones is his mission in life. He recently told NBC Miami that he has personal reasons why he is so dedicated to this mission. He further said that this is a trend that was started by the prisoners and it’s up to him to end the trend. According to Robert Johnson, it’s a very dangerous situation where inmates can access cellphones as they wish. This is a man who has had firsthand experience dealing with inmates who have access to cellphones. This passion began back in 2010 when he was working for the Lee Correctional Institution that’s located in South Carolina. Mr. Johnson is from Delray Beach and boasts of 15 years of experience when it comes to dealing with inmates and contraband confiscation. Since he was very good at his job, the bad guys decided to retaliate by shooting him while at home. He said that before he was shot, he had managed to intercept a package that was headed to a prison gang. He said that the package was quite huge as it was approximated to be worth around $50,000.


Mr. Johnson said that the incident happened on 5th March 2010. At around 5:30 am in the morning, he was getting ready to go to work when he noticed that there were people trying to enter into his house. He immediately concluded that he was a target of the gang. To ensure that the intruder didn’t go to their bedroom where his wife was sleeping, Mr. Johnson decided to confront the intruder in the hallway. This is where they struggled, and since the intruder was a huge man, he managed to push Mr. Johnson back. The only thing that Mr. Johnson remembers is seen a gun pointed towards him. The rest was history as he woke up on a bathroom floor. He had sustained six gunshots to his chest and stomach. To make the situation worse, Mr. Johnson notes that he was shot from a distance of less than six feet. The doctors at the hospital where Mr. Johnson was taken told his wife that she should brace herself for the worst. They even warned her that survival would be a miracle.


Securus Technologies has been on the forefront of fighting illegal contraband cell phones in prisons. Securus has managed this by introducing a new facility. The wireless containment solution works by blocking illegal network access and giving the authorities additional information about the cellphone.


Securus Technologies chief executive officer and Chairman Richard Smith said that his company was proud of the states that have decided to implement the technology that will keep contraband cell phones away from prisons.