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Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter Tweets Contain Several Interesting Ideas

by Chris Holden - August 31st, 2018

In todays fast-paced world, some people find that expressing their thoughts through Twitter tweets serves as an effective form of communication. Such was the case earlier this year, when noted investor and entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar decided to post myriad tweets regarding a broad spectrum of issues.

On the day before Mr. Pishevar sent out the stream of approximately 50 Twitter tweets, the U.S. stock market experienced a huge drop. In response to the market’s negative activity, Pishevar predicted in a tweet that the stock market will experience even more substantial losses in the future.

In his multiple tweets, Shervin Pishevar mentions how rising interest rates and tax loopholes are contributing to stock market losses. He also sees underemployment as a system-wide economic problem, and predicts that a growing increase in inflation will occur in the future.

Another point that Mr. Pishevar makes in his tweets is that a handful of giant American companies have become monopolies that are now similar to small countries. These companies possess an enormous amount of influence and power, and their propensity for buying out new startup companies may eventually prove to be harmful to America’s economic system.

As a man who understands global economic systems, Shervin Pishevar tweeted about California’s Silicon Valley section no longer being the exclusive stronghold of qualified and talented workers that it once was.

Being an Iranian-American citizen, Shervin Pishevar sees how America is no longer the only country that encourages successful entrepreneurship. In one of his tweets, Pishevar insightfully wrote about talented immigrants being kept out of America. From a global perspective, however, those professionally skilled immigrants now have more choices. They no longer have to rely on the U.S. as being the sole geographic location for them to develop their professional careers.

It should be noted that although a good percentage of Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter tweets painted a somewhat bleak picture, this knowledgeable investor and entrepreneur also said that there are still plenty of bright spots.

Madison Street Capital Expanding

by Chris Holden - August 21st, 2018

Madison Street Capital is looking to add another office to their group. They have recently accounted the plans to add a location to Austin, Texas.

Madison Street Capital reputation is a well-known and well-respected investment firm and their home offices is in Chicago, Illinois. While Texas is home to some famous technology companies, Austin attracted this investment firm that specializes in investment banking and corporate finance. They work with both the public and the private market.

Austin is a big city for business and technology companies. Madison Street Capital wants to be involved in this growth and allow clients in this area to work with investment banking professionals. The CEO of the company, Charles Botchway also happens to live in this are and he is excited to be working in his home city. Madison Street Capital is in the process of looking for office locations and plans on opening this branch within the next year.

Madison Street Capital specializes in investment banking. They provide high quality leadership, excellence, and integrity in all of the services that they provide. They work with merger and acquisition accounts, offer financial options, and will provide services to both public and private businesses. This company operated on a global scale. Each client they work with, they will have a specific set of goals. These goals are not only for the clients but for Madison Street Capital as well. They will advise companies on their finances and will help transfer ownership of M&A transactions. Madison Street Capital sees additional opportunities in the market as an exciting change to help their client grow. This firm has clients from all around the world. They treat all of their clients with respected and are dedicated to providing them with the highest professional standards. The goals of the company become the goals of Madison Street Capital.


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Fagali Is A Tropical Paradise That Stands Apart From The Rest

by Chris Holden - August 21st, 2018

Are you planning on booking an island getaway, but don’t know what island to get away to? The island of Fagali has something for the whole family if you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path. Located in the Coral Sea off the northeast coast of Australia, Fagali is a hidden gem of an island that gives Hawaii a run for its money when it comes to fun in the sun. Search for available flights to/from Fagali at

With everything from restaurants to scuba diving to tropical rainforests, whether you prefer staying indoors or outdoors, Fagali is a fantasy island waiting for adventurers of all ages.

If food is your thing, head on down to The Deck Restaraunt and order a burger and fries or some fresh yellowfin tuna. If meat isn’t to your liking, head on down to the nearby village of Levili where you can grab some waffles and coffee at the Pacific Jewell’s Garden Cafe.


Learning about other cultures is one of the greatest things we can take away from any vacation and Fagali caters to tourists who want to have a hands-on experience. The locals in the Samoa Cultural Village will be more than happy to share their Samoan customs and teach you woodworking and

No tropical island would be complete without its very own rainforest and Fagali has you covered… in a lush jungle that will take your breath away. You’ll probably need help navigating your first tropical rainforest and Rainforest Runaway Ecotours can help. They specialize in hiking tours and offer half day or full day personalized tours with a local guide who holds a wealth of knowledge on Samoan culture and is trained in Senior First Aid. Whether you want to Slide down Papaseea Sliding Rock into the pool below, visit the Piula Cave Pool and swim into a hidden cave, or listen to the sound of water flowing at Papapapaitai Falls, this island will create memories of a lifetime for you.

With shops galore, scooter and motorcycle rentals, yoga classes, secluded beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, clubs and nightlife, this little island in the South Pacific is full of activities, big on adventure and ready to melt your stress away. Visit World Airport Codes to know more about Fagali.

Why Wall Street Is Thanking Matt Madiali for Introducing Freedom Checks

by Chris Holden - August 18th, 2018

Matt Badiali became famous yet another time when he introduced the concept of ‘Freedom Checks.’ He came up with the investment idea after realizing that the stock exchange market is rarely giving opportunities to the ordinary Americans. With these Checks, one is able to get massive returns in multiples; Matt Badiali himself had invested in mining stocks where he spent only $0.06 per share in 2008 but later sold them at $2.64 which was a profit of 4,400%. The checks have already changed the lives of several investors benefiting from the plan.

Benefits of Badiali’s Checks

According to Matt Badiali , Freedom Checks are not government owned; on the contrary, they are issued by private companies venturing in the production, manufacturing, and distribution of natural resources. This is considered a good plan since such investment options can quickly affect the monthly Social Security payments four times or even more. Besides, the Checks are never subjected to taxation by the government since they are considered “return of capital” which enable the investors to make more returns.

Badiali’s investment options have also been known to permit investors to surpass the process of opening special accounts since they are not a requirement for benefiting. Freedom Checks can be obtained as easy as purchasing stocks or shares. People have also gotten fond of these checks due to the fact that they are cheaper to trade; one would require as low as $10 for trading. This means that everyone is able to take the opportunity to witness returns.

Testimonies proving that the Checks are valid

The checks that have so far been distributed to different investors have reached up to $34.6 billion. Interestingly, other investors have also done well with Freedom Checks. A New Yorker, Doug Albany made a profit of up to 84% of his initial investment. Similarly, Karl B. from Austin, Texas also testified for making a profit of up to 167% after the investment in 2010. Since he launched the investment opportunity, Matt Badiali has ensured that several investors succeed in getting profits from the Checks.

Healthcare Investment Titans Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod Reunite Forces

by Chris Holden - August 16th, 2018

Shaking the healthcare investment sector, two industry giants Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbord have reunited forces on a project that is yet to unfold.

Each of these investment professionals has a rich history of credibility in their field. Weisbrod saw his beginnings in academics. Graduating with his BA in Chemistry from Colgate University, he was a persistent student. He went on to earn a PhD in Biochemistry from Princeton University in 1980, but he didn’t stop there. Weisbrod then gained his MBA in Finance from Columbia University in 1986. Backed by an incredible education, he worked with major investment companies, such as Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners, and Merrill Lynch.

Now with over twenty years of academic and professional healthcare investment know-how beneath his belt, Weisbrod went on to co-found the biotechnology investment company Merlin in 1998. The firm was highly successful, as Weisbrod built a team inevitably bound for prosperity. One key player on Weisbrod’s team was Jacob Gottlieb, who worked as portfolio manager in 2000. Merlin saw returns of over one hundred percent in 1999 and 2000, earning the respect in the industry necessary for accruing distinguished clients. Major pension funds, family-run offices, endowments, and those with high net worth saw the growth of Merlin and felt inclined to opt in as clients.

But Weisbrod, ever striving to achieve his greatest in his sector, exceeded his success with Merlin to found Iguana Healthcare Partners. The firm focuses on publically-owned companies in healthcare, with an emphasis on versatility in changing conditions.

Gottlieb, similarly, founded his very own firm after working with Merlin. Gottlieb’s company, Visium Assett Management, grew from a $300 million to $2.5 billion by 2008, and then to $8 billion in 2008. Come 2016, Visium’s monumental success halted, as three executives suffered accusations of insider trading and mismarking. In the wake of resulting FBI and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigations, Gottlieb was never charged and made valiant effort to return all funds to investors. Given both Weisbrod and Gottlieb’s seasoned experience in healthcare investment, their new collaboration is sure to yield incredible progress in the investment world.

The Leadership at Southridge Capital and its Operations.

by Chris Holden - August 15th, 2018

The word Cryptocurrency is now well known around the world. However, statistics have shown that a significant portion of the population does not have a good understanding of how the technology operates. Some banks and governments are also yet to understand what it entails. The technology has the potential to make a huge impact on the global economy. A U.S. Senator, Thomas Carper, acknowledged that the concept had caused fears and confusion among some people. After the realization of the potential benefits of the virtual currency, various financial institutions, accounting firms, and governments have set up teams to work on their own projects. Cryptocurrency is popularly known as bitcoins. It has received the attention of major media stations around the globe.

Stephen M. Hicks heads Southridge Capital as its Chief Executive Officer. He is also one of its pioneers. He is tasked with developing effective strategies for the growth of the company and the execution of the plans to achieve the desired objectives. The financial institution has been in operation for the last two decades. Mr. Hicks is well known in the investment sector and has been active for more than three decades now. He is a specialist in areas such as financial restructuring, market derivatives, and investment banking. The Southridge founder is a graduate of the King’s College where he acquired a BS in Business Administration. He later joined Fordham University, a New York-based institution, to advance his education. At the institution, he graduated with an MBA. You can visit for more.


While on an interview, the Southridge Capital’s founder revealed that he came up with the idea of starting the firm when he was working at a hedge fund earlier in his career. He realized that he could make a bigger impact if he established his own company. His boss allowed him to make arrangements for starting his hedge fund while still working for him. He starts his day early in the morning by making a list of activities that all the stakeholders in the firm will undertake during the day. Mr. Hicks is seen as the force behind the growth of Southridge Capital due to his exemplary leadership. He is always looking for new and better investment portfolios to focus on. You can visit




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How Alex Hern Redefined The Home Buying Experience Online

by Chris Holden - August 14th, 2018

The world of technology has changed a lot over the years, but for the most part still relies on smart minds to figure out how to make the technology work harder for the consumers. Alex Hern is one of these people who has redefined the status quo to make sure that all of his tech products are within the reach of the average consumer. Long before there was Zillow and other online real estate tools Alex Hern had released another website that changed the way that we purchase and find new homes. The internet was still young and the technology was blossoming, thus was born. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Alex Hern founded this company with the intention of revolutionizing how we find and make new home purchases using the internet. which was founded in 1996 was a revolutionary service and the first of its kind, connecting real estate agents and buyers directly to each other using the internet. featured an intuitive user interface that made it very easy to use and figure out, at a time when most websites were very much in their infancy. Alex Hern perfected the art of designing contemporary web products that connected the user to the product with ease, and this is where his internet companies have become such great investment vehicles for him. Follow Alex Hern on was just the first of many successful online ventures from Alex Hern, and to this day the company has morphed into Zillow which is the company that Alex Hern sold the online real estate website too after successful building it into a pioneering company. Like many of his internet ventures really revolutionized the process of home buyer, and nowadays consumers use the internet for just about every aspect of purchasing a new home for the first time, even down to choosing a realtor.


William Saito Leads the Field in Creating Software for Data Security

by Chris Holden - August 14th, 2018

William Saito was nothing short of being a child prodigy. His life story is compelling as told in the book “An Unprogrammed Life”. It is the captivating tale of a young genius who taught himself the trade and went on to become a serial business success story. He founded numerous successful companies as a result. Now, he continues his own work while helping others to realize their own success.


His success is no mystery, however. At the tender age of 10, a major stock brokerage hired William Saito to program stock algorithms. Imagine, a young man only in the fifth grade with those capabilities. He went on to start and sell three companies to Microsoft. The industry now recognizes him as one of the world’s foremost authorities on data security. His two passions are data security and entrepreneurship.


His areas of expertise include encryption, biometric technology, and authentication. His life mission is to help secure personal and corporate data from those who would steal it. As such, he has worked with anti-crime and anti-terrorist units that cover a number of complex fields. William Saito also worked with the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K., and Japan.

The biometric software is that which can identify biological traits such as hands geometry, fingerprints, earlobe geometry, and iris and retina markers. The technology can also distinguish voice waves, signatures, and DNA markers. William Saito became a successful programmer in college and created I/Q software capable of integrating biometric data that would lead to such things like fingerprint and eye retina scanners. This type of software is the software utilized in identification recognition systems as well.


Everyone is now aware of the technology that can identify faces in a crowd even in difficult and uncontrolled environments. His book offers some incredible insights into his life and his amazing entrepreneurial abilities. Saito’s life serves as an inspiration to others. One of his most important commitments now is to help those who are just starting out by offering timely advice. He believes that failing fast and early can lay the groundwork for later success.


That is an interesting take on things because most people do not like to fail. He also believes that this feeling results from a societal need to pursue perfection. As a result, all 25 companies that he chose to invest in have been a huge success.

The Hope of Anti Aging With Jason Hope

by Chris Holden - August 12th, 2018

Anti-aging is a raving topic in our modern world. With newly advanced creams, surgeries and procedures to ensure that we stay looking young and healthy, it’s easy to ignore the root cause of aging. Jason Hope realizes that our well-being is continually being damaged by our own bodies metabolism at the cellular level. It is hard to imagine a future where we no longer age, but his immense grant towards the organization SENS is giving researchers a fair shot at developing the breakthrough technology of the future. Jason Hope stays true to his name in that there are many new hopes for our future with the right funding. Often times this area can seem like a futile one as we are all degenerating as time goes on. Read more about Jason Hope at Wings Journal.

Therefore, we find it and easily neglected area of expertise and study because we simply make it out to be a natural process. However, Jason Hope sets out to develop a more conscientious approach to furthering the research of technology and innovation towards a new and bright future in medicine. His passion for the funding of such research is giving the company more shots at finding out the root cause of the aging process and at the very least making it more bearable.

The healthcare of this modern age has a bad habit of treating illnesses as they come and developing the treatment after it has already damaged people’s lives. Jason Hope aims to donate enough money to really make a difference in the lives of others by discovering and treating the root cause of illnesses such as diabetes and heart failure. He believes in the true power of technology and has pushed it in his projects to make a significant impact on the world we all inhabit.

Jason Hope is a shining light in the field of Philanthropy because he tackles the most pressing issues, namely degeneration, and death. Can you imagine having a thousand years instead of one hundred? He certainly can, and this is why it is so important to him to give generously to fuel the technology of the future. Find out more:


Vijay Eswaran, the motivational speaker

by Chris Holden - August 7th, 2018

Vijay Eswaran is a man of many talents and as a result, standing tall in the crowded market. Vijay Eswaran has not only excelled in being a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist but also a motivational speaker. He is an economist by training enabling him to start up and run a multimillion dollar business enterprise. One of the unique aspects that have given Vijay a competitive edge is his motivational skills. Throughout Asia, Vijay has written several motivational books as well as spoken extensively on critical topics such as leadership, business, life management and personal development. When not actively involved in the managing his global business or offering motivational speeches, he is in South East Asia advocating for improved quality of high education. His work and giving back to the community has seen him receive many awards for entrepreneurship as well as business leadership.


The new book Two Minutes from the Abyss by Vijay Eswaran is out and available online. For the lovers of motivation books, this is a masterpiece that you need to grab and go through each page. The theme of the book is to compel people to live now since tomorrow is not guaranteed. In his new book, Vijay Eswaran talks of the importance of people taking change since it’s the only static aspect in life. One of the biggest lessons from the new book is that tomorrow is not promised and after every second our lives are ending so make most out of it. In addition to the new book, Vijay Eswaran has written other motivation articles such as ways fear drives success, stages of change among others. In the motivation texts, they are written using a language that is easier for all the readers to understand with ease. For instance, in the stages of change, he commences by advising people to attract positive thought because people are like a magnet. Change is bitter and difficult since it’s like going uphill.